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Enema is a very effective & safe method to cleanse our large intestine. It can be easily done at home and helps us to flush out the toxins from our bodies in just 10 minutes, allowing us to experience the lightness we have never felt before! 

Often used in Aromatherapy, these are volatile liquids extracted from various beneficial plants through steam distillation. They have much stronger aroma than the plant from which they are extracted and represent its essence.

Most Unique & Elegant Planters made from Breathable & Recycled fabric, Highly Durable, Lightweight & Unbreakable, Available in a wide range of sizes for various plants.

Made of 100% pure Himalayan Rock Salt, Gives off a soft glow of red/ orange/ yellow colors, Steady wooden base, Fully assembled in safety packaging. Read on to know more about its benefits.

Baby versions of their full-grown plants, Contain 40 times more nutrients. Very easy to grow and harvest, Can be added to various dishes for extra nutrition & crunch.

Highly nutritious, Easy to Digest & Prepare, 100% Organic, Natural Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, No Chemicals & Pesticides. Read on to know the benefits and recipes of various types of Millets.

Wondering Why our Resources are Fairly Priced?

We provide 100% Organic, Best Quality resources, sourced from reliable suppliers after extensive research, verification and testing. - We strive to encourage more Farmers to practice Organic farming by paying them a good and fair price for their hard work, dedication & honesty. - We want to reduce Carbon Footprint by providing Good Quality, Eco-Friendly, Durable and Sustainable Alternatives. So, when you place an order on our website, it is not your Expense, it is rather your Investment in your own health along with the health of other fellow beings and nature. It is much better to invest in Wellness for Prevention of Diseases rather than Costly Medicines. Make a Wise Choice!