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satvic movement

This is not another website selling organic food products. It is an expression of love, coming from a deep desire to serve mankind.

Satopradhan Vision is a beautiful initiative started by Sunil Ji and Monisha Ji. During their journey of health and healing, they had a tough time finding organic food resources. They realised that many others were facing the same challenge - organic food was either a marketing gimmick or it was just not available at affordable prices. They decided to commit their lives to resolve this problem, and that gave birth to Satopradhan Vision. Satopradhan Vision offers the purest quality of nuts, seeds, grains, sweeteners, dried herbs, dairy alternatives and much more! Satopradhan Vision is extremely meticulous when it comes to selecting their farmers. Before bringing anything to us, they carry out extensive research to ensure that everything they provide is 100% free of chemicals. We highly recommend trying out their resources and you will see for yourself! This is not another website selling organic food products. It is an expression of love, coming from a deep desire to serve mankind.

Harsh & Subah

Founder of Satvic Movement, Gurgaon

bk hitesh yoga instructor at brahama kumaris

Their vision is to bring transformation, in every sense, in everyone's life, and this can be seen in their actions too!

As is the name, their vision is to bring transformation, in every sense, in everyone's life, and this can be seen in their actions too! Their knowledge and research about the Satvic Lifestyle are impeccable. Additionally, their services with love and care are just a perfect blend to give enough inspiration to bring a great change in one's lifestyle. I am following the Satvic Lifestyle as guided by them and experiencing so many changes. I can clearly observe the increase in my energy levels. I recommend everyone to follow Satvic Diet and use Satopradhan Resources for holistic health.

BK Hitesh

Meditation Instructor Brahmakumaris Headquarters, Mount Abu

neha ranglani

I love their No Coffee Powder!

I highly recommend their No Coffee Powder to anyone looking for a caffeine-free coffee alternative that doesn't compromise on taste.

Neha Ranglani

Integrative Health Coach, Mumbai, Maharashtra

shefali batra holistic health coach

I absolutely love their coconut milk powder and it's undoubtedly the best you can get in powder form!

I have been ordering products from Satopradhan vision for quite a while and I am very happy and satisfied with the quality of their services. I absolutely love their coconut milk powder and it's undoubtedly the best you can get in powder form. I always recommend Satopradhan Vision to other people too. Congratulations for the good work.

Shefali Batra

Holistic Health Coach, New Delhi

vasudha sambyal prof. at GNDU

I am especially fond of their herbal tea mixtures; they have a soothing effect!

The range of excellent organic products of Satopradhan Vision shows the careful effort put in to select the best quality products. I am especially fond of their herbal tea mixtures; they have a soothing effect! I have shared the products with my friends and relatives also, many of whom have appreciated them. I recommend their products whole-heartedly. Kudos to the promoters Ms. Monisha and Mr. Sunil for projecting their excellence of personality and purity of vision to their business venture

Prof. Dr. Vasudha Sambyal

Department of Human Genetics, GNDU, Amritsar, Punjab

neha thukral business coach mohali

Their mission is to make the best-quality natural food items available at everyone’s door!

I absolutely love their Kimia Dates. Those are the best natural organic dates I have tried in my life. My whole family’s all-time favourite sweet to relish after food! I have ordered a couple of resources from Satopradhan many times, and I really love each one of them. From high-quality packaging to top-quality clean and organic products, it is clearly visible that their mission is to make the best natural food items available at everyone’s door. Apart from great food resources, they also have a great range of fabric planters, bamboo products, stainless steel straws & other eco-friendly resources of the utmost quality. I have tried their straws, and they are one of my favourites! I use them almost daily for my morning detox juices. The best eco-friendly option! Thank you, Satopradhan team. I am very eager to try other resources too from your store!

Neha Thukral

Personal growth coach, Mohali, Punjab

Neha Pravin Vaswani self satvic hub

Thanks a lot Satopradhan Vision for hard work & contribution for making Mother Earth green.

Thanks to Satvic Movement to introduce this natural way of lifestyle & healing path. True appreciation to Satopradan Vision to provide us all organic and premium resources to use, so that we can continue our journey to satvic lifestyle very easily & smoothly. Thanks a lot Satopradan Vision for hard work & contribution for making Mother Earth green 🙏

Neha Pravin Vaswani

Self-employed, Satvic Hub Mulund, Mumbai

Shrinee Mishra ielts coach

The team at Satopradhan is deeply understanding, extremely well-mannered & polite!

My mother and I have been proud members of the Satopradhan family since October 2020. They have been guiding us not just about yoga and meditation, but also about other deeper aspects like inculcating virtues, leading a spiritually inclined lifestyle and practising mindfulness. Additionally, they also provide high-quality, organic, vegan & cruelty-free resources. The team at Satopradhan is deeply understanding, extremely well-mannered & polite. They provide the best commodities and services, even for beginners!

Shrinee Mishra

IELTS Coach Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

B Sandhya Dorai software engineer

The way you describe your resources and the way you tell us where, why and how to use them is really unique!

When I started my vegan lifestyle I was so confused and irritated because I couldn't find quality and trusted resources. All thanks to satvic movement, they introduced satopradhan into my life. It was very easy to find the quality resources. The best part is eco friendly packing. The way you describe your resources and the way you tell us where, why and how to use them is really unique. No coffee coffee powder, jaggery powder are the best one. All the resources are organic and there is no obstacle between customers and you people. Everything is transparent. The quantity is very reasonable. Now whenever I need something, I will just open satopradhan website and will buy my needs. No other stores come to my mind. I think this will be my forever store for my resources. Thank you satopradhan, you are serving many vegans and making our lifestyle smooth and easy. Hare Krishna ❤

B Sandhya Dorai

Software Engineer, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh

Our Featured Collections

Dairy_Substitutes_Catagory_Image_dd68259f-ebc6-455f-8728-d2e400809a55 - Satopradhan

Dairy Substitutes

Delicious & Healthy, Ready-to-Use, Plant-Based Alternatives to Animal Milk & Dairy Products to help you easily switch to a Vegan Diet!

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Personal Care

Pure, Cruelty-Free & Chemical-Free Resources for your Skin, Hair, Body & Oral Care, containing Natural & Plant-Based ingredients.

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tea coffee replacements

Tea-Coffee Replacements

Natural, Organically Grown, Caffeine-Free & Chemical-Free Healthy Alternatives to help you overcome Tea/ Coffee Addiction!

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sprouts and microgreens

Sprouts & Microgreens

Grow the most nutritious living food – Sprouts & Microgreens – within your kitchen using our premium organic desi seeds and essential tools!

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Organic_Cotton_Products_Catagory_Image_5b3a2bf9-e5ef-4651-a15e-a1f12500d335 - Satopradhan

Organic Cotton Goods

Made from GOTS Certified, organically grown cotton, our collection is soft, undyed, unbleached, and pre-washed, ensuring an off-white, non-toxic touch to your skin.

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Chemical_Free_Home_Care_31886242-86ac-4453-98cf-e3dca981503d - Satopradhan

Non-Toxic Bio Cleaners

A selected range of Premium-Quality, Eco friendly, Energy-Efficient, Chemical-free & Exquisite Resources for daily use at home or office!

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Why Us

Extensive Research & Testing

Rigorous sampling and experimentation to provide you with the Best!

Ethical & Authentic Sourcing

Detailed questioning to our suppliers to ensure the quality of ingredients and processes involved

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Packaging

Packed in 100% Eco-safe, Reusable & Recyclable packaging

Trusted Support

Get in touch with us from 10 am to 06 pm for any queries

All for Sustainable Living

Availability of everything you need to live in harmony with Natural Laws

Complete Solution

A well-developed knowledge base to ensure physical & mental well-being through multiple channels

Assured Quality

No compromises on the quality of resources and services on account of strong ethical grounds

Pure Intentions to realize the Vision

The purity in intentions & the clarity of purpose to serve the entire world as one family

Clean Label Approach

All the resources contain very few & easily recognizable ingredients, without any synthetic compounds.

Fast & Low-Cost Delivery

Availability of the most cost-effective & quick delivery options offering Free Delivery on a Minimum Order Value of Rs.700

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All Answers to Kickstart your Dairy-Free Journey

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Why Say No To Dairy? Harm of Diary

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Eco friendly Alternatives to Plastic | Single use Plastic Alternatives

Heard these lines earlier as well? Yet, we see around us the ever increasing wider use of plastic....

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Natural Body Care at Home | Skin and Hair Care Tips in Hindi

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Complete Guide to Setting up Organic Kitchen Garden at Home

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All About Highly Nutritious Microgreens

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