Satopradhan exclusive satvic lifestyle resources store

Satopradhan is a Specialised Satvic Store that provides all the necessary resources to help you embrace a Satvic Lifestyle. Everything you get here is Organic, Vegan, Natural & Earth-Friendly. It is an expression of pure love ignited by spiritual wisdom to serve Humanity, Fellow Creatures and Mother Nature.

vecras creation satopradhan's foundation established in 2007


Satopradhan was initiated in November 2019 by VecRas Creations Pvt. Ltd., a leading digital design company based in Amritsar, Punjab, born in 2007. Vecras has established global dominance in creating Vector Cut File Templates, Smart PSD Mockups and Application Videos for skins of various gadget categories through

As we are already aware, nowadays, there is not even a single family that is free from challenges, physical or mental. The root cause of most of these challenges is that we have drifted away from the natural ways of living & being. We must remember that to change our “Sansaar” (world), we need to first work on changing our “Sanskaars” (deep-rooted habits). That is why we are here to help you on your journey of “Sanskaar Parivartan” (transformation of old belief systems/ habits).

Our Main Objectives are 

  • Raising awareness among people to improve their health by adopting a sustainable satvic lifestyle
  • Providing all the necessary resources that they will need during their health transformation journey
brahma kumaris our spiritual guide

Our Spiritual Guide

Before receiving holistic health knowledge, we were connected to Prajapita BrahmaKumaris World Spiritual University. We already knew the importance of “Jaisa Ann Taisa Mann,” i.e. As Is The Food, So Is The Mind. The teachings from the Godly University deeply empowered our minds and helped us implement the knowledge base provided by Satvic Movement (through their youtube channel) & overcome subtle challenges like unhealthy food habits & cravings.  It reminded us that we always have a choice to choose what is right  & helped us feel powerful instead of being a victim ofour senses.

At Satopradhan, we believe God, the Supreme Soul, to be the head of our Satopradhan Family. He is the boss & the Supreme Mentor because His purest love & wonderful teachings empowered our first flag bearers to start this venture and serve others lovingly and honestly. And this belief is beautifully represented by our Logo. The sun on top represents the Supreme Soul, God, the Sun of Knowledge, Virtues, and Powers. The seven rays radiating from the sun represent seven basic qualities (Knowledge, Purity, Peace, Happiness, Love, Bliss and Power) which are the original qualities of each soul. 

its all begin in 2019 in satvic movement workshop

The Journey

It all began in June 2019, when our company ‘VecRas’ was at its full bloom with everything going and growing well with a team of twenty dedicated souls, that Sunil Ji and Monisha Ji got a chance to attend the live ‘Health Transformation Workshop’ organized by ‘Satvic Movement’- a holistic health education platform. This workshop proved to be a turning point in their lives! 

They dedicatedly followed the satvic way of life & were on a healing journey for a year. During this transformational phase, they faced various challenges (related to authenticity, availability and cost of organic & healthier food substitutes) for which they tried to develop a solution. Then just a thought that “There may be many other souls who are willing to transform their lives like us. They would also be facing the same challenges, so why not help them too?'' This led to the birth of Satopradhan. It was born out of a deep desire to serve Humanity and Mother Nature. It solves all the challenges one may face during their health transformation journey.

Our Founder

Meet the most special member of our team, Mr Sunil Aggarwal. He started his healing journey at over 95 kgs & lost 25-30 kgs & he healed many chronic diseases like asthma, obesity & high blood pressure after dedicatedly following a Satvic way of life. Despite being a sports lover & national-level gymnast, he became interested in digital graphics.

He started his journey at 18 as a graphic designer & got his first job very soon. After eight years of job experience, he established his first independent design and print studio, vecras, in 2007. Being an expert graphic designer, he started gaining recognition for his fantastic work & got connected with many overseas clients. Soon his excellent work started gaining appreciation worldwide & he founded the company VecRas Creations Pvt Ltd in 2015. Since then, VecRas has continued to expand, and today it has excellent scope to develop further in this field. Still, he has decided to involve himself in an entirely different venture for a higher cause. Since 2019, he has been expressing his pure love towards humanity and our Mother Nature by taking God’s mission of world transformation forward through Satopradhan Vision for the establishment of a Satopradhan World..!

Our Directors

akarsh goyal DOP of vecras creations private limited

Akarsh Goel

Director of Operations (VecRas)

Joined as a fresher in 2015, Akarsh Ji has a deep commitment to his work. Due to his immense hard work & dedication, he currently serves as the Director of the company (VecRas). He looks after the digital graphics workflow & provides seamless customer support across the world.

monisha arora fomer dop of satopradhan vision

Monisha Arora

Former Director of Operations (Satopradhan)

Besides being an embodiment of love & a lighthouse for everyone around her, Monisha Ji led efforts that strengthened operating efficiency and helped the venture during its foundational period. Prior to joining, she dedicated 4 years of her life to research work (Cancer Genetics) & resigned her Ph.D. during the last year of completion as per the divine call for a higher purpose.

Meet Our Core Team

Sunil Ji shifted the role of some team members from VecRas to direct their energy & efforts towards its newly established brand “Satopradhan”. Along with Sunil Ji, three core team members, Monisha Arora, Samriti Arora & Kajol Behal, were diverted towards building a solid foundation for the Satopradhan venture, which officially came into being on November 24, 2019. They worked very hard for the establishment and regular progress of Satopradhan. Very soon, other highly dedicated souls also joined & guess what? 

The small VecRas Team of 18 has grown to a family of more than 40 dedicated souls 🙂

Introducing some highly committed souls whose loveful connection to the Supreme Father has always been their biggest strength and thus they have handled various challenges with great stability. Undoubtedly, they are His right hands in the true sense, and seeing them leading this venture ahead like this makes us believe that God has definitely planned great services through this venture.

samriti arora HOD

Samriti Arora

Head of Operations

A highly dedicated soul who handled multiple roles initially and oversees all the administrative functions including Management, HR & Purchasing. She handled her work profile with great dedication & efficiency, right from the beginning. Punctuality, regularity, coordination, humility, and timely reporting have been some of her greatest qualities at work.

prabhav aggarwal video editor

Prabhav Aggarwal

Video Production Editor

Combining the designing skill with his dedication, Prabhav is a fast learner and loves to try his hands on different designing techniques. Being a prolific video editor, at such a young age, he makes us believe that it's all about Work & Passion!

puneet bajaj fulfilment manager

Puneet Bajaj

Fulfilment Manager

Responsible for handling & fulfilment of day-to-day orders, Puneet ji has been a wonderful asset to the company. He is fulfilling his responsibilities with great dedication & honesty, right from the beginning.

head of sales & support

Priya Bajaj

Head of Sales & Support

Her deep desire for selfless service and years of experience in teaching and lovefully guiding people makes her a perfect support for our community. She is highly committed and uses her great leadership skills to manage the crucial responsibilities of supervising the community support.

production manager

Harshul Aggarwal

Production Manager

Meet the youngest member of our Satopradhan family! Responsible for handling day-to-day production, Harshul monitors the inventory & makes sure everything you need is always available for you. He is on a constant lookout for opportunities to improve and make the workflow more efficient.

head of content management

Shreya Kandhari

Head of Content Management

A loveful soul who joined the team because of the attraction of God's pure love. She is responsible for overseeing the planning, creation and publishing of engaging, informative and shareable content that resonates with the satvic community.

production supervisor

Gurmehar Singh

Production Supervisor

A pure & peaceful soul who had been working as a field expert in an organic farm & handles the production of all the bio enzyme-based resources. All the resources produced by him are not just Organic but Yogic too as he stays in the loveful remembrance of the Supreme Soul while preparing them & radiates elevated vibrations all around.

Our Areas of Focus

We work rigorously on making the high quality satvic resources available for you at the most reasonable price. All of them were tried and tested by our team.

Healthy Alternatives

Instead of battling your addictions, replace them with our healthier alternatives and seamlessly experience the transformation. From plant-based dairy swaps to caffeine-free tea & coffee alternatives, we offer better options without compromising on taste. Discover natural substitutes to refined white sugar & immunity boosters to nourish your body. Prioritize your health with every thoughtful food ingredient you choose:)

Organic Grocery

Healthier Alternatives for Dairy Products, Caffeine based Tea & Coffee, Refined Sugar and Unhealthy Grains & Flours, including Beneficial Dried Herbs and Natural Immunity Boosters to provide you delicious and the healthiest food so that healthy eating is enjoyable for you.

eco friendly goods

Eco Essentials

Bio-Enzyme Cleaners, Natural Body Care, Satvic Kitchen Tools, & Plastic Replacements to encourage a low-waste & sustainable living.

kitchen gardening

Kitchen Gardening

DIY Growing Kits, Organic Seeds & Plant Care Resources to help you grow a kitchen garden and various superfoods like sprouts, microgreens, and salad greens easily at home.

Our Values

Apart from providing authentic satvic resources, we dig deeper to take care of the other aspects to become a more value-based organisation and serve our community with pure intentions.

extensive research & testing

Extensive Research & Testing

We undergo rigorous sampling and experimentation to provide you with the best quality at the lowest prices!

Ethical & Authentic Sourcing

Ethical & Authentic Sourcing

We build a reliable relationship with the shortlisted suppliers and undergo a detailed questioning session like manufacturing techniques and equipments used to ensure the quality of ingredients.

active community support

Active Community Support

Our active support team ensures that all your queries are resolved at the earliest so that you have an easy and enjoyable experience with us :)

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Packaging

We ensure that all the packaging material used is 100% Safe for Mother Nature, Reusable, Recyclable & Compostable.

High-Quality Resources

High-Quality Resources

We promise to provide you with all the resources at a high quality and most reasonable price. All of them are tried and tested by us and our team.“We practice what we preach!”

fast and low cost delivery

Fast &  Low-Cost  Delivery

We research and shortlist the best & the most cost-effective logistic partners to offer you a low shipping cost without any hidden charges.

Clean Label Approach

Clean Label Approach

We make sure that all the ingredients used in the production of our resources fall within the Principles of Satvic Food Philosophy

Love & Concern for Mother Nature

Love & Concern for Mother Nature

All our resources are cruelty-free and include no harsh chemicals as planet Earth is the home we all share.

satopradhan vision

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Satopradhan is not just another organic, vegan or an eco-friendly store; it is a vision, a perception, an idea ignited by spiritual wisdom, for the creation of a SATVIC & SATOPRADHAN world, meaning a perfect world coloured by seven qualities of Knowledge, Purity, Peace, Happiness, Love, Bliss, and Power, where human souls live in harmony with each other, fellow creatures and mother nature; a disease-free world where everyone is equally happy & healthy. Hence, it is not just another business platform but an emotion, the vibrant energy transferred to you in the form of our services :)


satvic movement

This is not another website selling organic food products. It is an expression of love, coming from a deep desire to serve mankind.

Satopradhan Vision is a beautiful initiative started by Sunil Ji and Monisha Ji. During their journey of health and healing, they had a tough time finding organic food resources. They realised that many others were facing the same challenge - organic food was either a marketing gimmick or it was just not available at affordable prices. They decided to commit their lives to resolve this problem, and that gave birth to Satopradhan Vision. Satopradhan Vision offers the purest quality of nuts, seeds, grains, sweeteners, dried herbs, dairy alternatives and much more! Satopradhan Vision is extremely meticulous when it comes to selecting their farmers. Before bringing anything to us, they carry out extensive research to ensure that everything they provide is 100% free of chemicals. We highly recommend trying out their resources and you will see for yourself! This is not another website selling organic food products. It is an expression of love, coming from a deep desire to serve mankind.

Harsh & Subah

Founder Satvic Movement, Gurgaon

bk.hitesh yoga instrutor at brahmakumaris mount abu

Their vision is to bring transformation, in every sense, in everyone's life, and this can be seen in their actions too!

As is the name, their vision is to bring transformation, in every sense, in everyone's life, and this can be seen in their actions too! Their knowledge and research about the Satvic Lifestyle are impeccable. Additionally, their services with love and care are just a perfect blend to give enough inspiration to bring a great change in one's lifestyle. I am following the Satvic Lifestyle as guided by them and experiencing so many changes. I can clearly observe the increase in my energy levels. I recommend everyone to follow Satvic Diet and use Satopradhan Resources for holistic health.

BK Hitesh

Meditation Instructor Brahmakumaris Headquarters, Mount Abu

neha ranglani

I love their No Coffee Powder!

I highly recommend their No Coffee Powder to anyone looking for a caffeine-free coffee alternative that doesn't compromise on taste.

Neha Ranglani

Integrative Health Coach

Vasudha Sambyal prof. at gndu

I am especially fond of their herbal tea mixtures; they have a soothing effect!

The range of excellent organic products of Satopradhan Vision shows the careful effort put in to select the best quality products. I am especially fond of their herbal tea mixtures; they have a soothing effect! I have shared the products with my friends and relatives also, many of whom have appreciated them. I recommend their products whole-heartedly. Kudos to the promoters Ms. Monisha and Mr. Sunil for projecting their excellence of personality and purity of vision to their business venture

Prof.Dr. Vasudha Sambyal

Department of Human Genetics, GNDU, Amritsar, Punjab

Neha Thukral personal growth coach mohali

Their mission is to make the best-quality natural food items available at everyone’s door!

I absolutely love their Kimia Dates. Those are the best natural organic dates I have tried in my life. My whole family’s all-time favourite sweet to relish after food! I have ordered a couple of resources from Satopradhan many times, and I really love each one of them. From high-quality packaging to top-quality clean and organic products, it is clearly visible that their mission is to make the best natural food items available at everyone’s door. Apart from great food resources, they also have a great range of fabric planters, bamboo products, stainless steel straws & other eco-friendly resources of the utmost quality. I have tried their straws, and they are one of my favourites! I use them almost daily for my morning detox juices. The best eco-friendly option! Thank you, Satopradhan team. I am very eager to try other resources too from your store!

Neha Thukral

Personal growth coach, Mohali, Punjab

Neha Pravin Vaswani self employed at new delhi

Thanks a lot Satopradhan Vision for hard work & contribution for making Mother Earth green.

Thanks to Satvic Movement to introduce this natural way of lifestyle & healing path. True appreciation to Satopradan Vision to provide us all organic and premium resources to use, so that we can continue our journey to satvic lifestyle very easily & smoothly. Thanks a lot Satopradan Vision for hard work & contribution for making Mother Earth green 🙏

Neha Pravin Vaswani

Self-employed, Satvic Hub Mulund, Mumbai

Shrinee Mishra ielts coach lucknow

The team at Satopradhan is deeply understanding, extremely well-mannered & polite!

My mother and I have been proud members of the Satopradhan family since October 2020. They have been guiding us not just about yoga and meditation, but also about other deeper aspects like inculcating virtues, leading a spiritually inclined lifestyle and practising mindfulness. Additionally, they also provide high-quality, organic, vegan & cruelty-free resources. The team at Satopradhan is deeply understanding, extremely well-mannered & polite. They provide the best commodities and services, even for beginners!

Shrinee Mishra

IELTS Coach Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Software Engineer

The way you describe your resources and the way you tell us where, why and how to use them is really unique!

When I started my vegan lifestyle I was so confused and irritated because I couldn't find quality and trusted resources. All thanks to satvic movement, they introduced satopradhan into my life. It was very easy to find the quality resources. The best part is eco friendly packing. The way you describe your resources and the way you tell us where, why and how to use them is really unique. No coffee coffee powder, jaggery powder are the best one. All the resources are organic and there is no obstacle between customers and you people. Everything is transparent. The quantity is very reasonable. Now whenever I need something, I will just open satopradhan website and will buy my needs. No other stores come to my mind. I think this will be my forever store for my resources. Thank you satopradhan, you are serving many vegans and making our lifestyle smooth and easy. Hare Krishna ❤

B Sandhya Dorai

Software Engineer Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh