Resources to help you lead a Satvic Lifestyle

Satopradhan Vision is a perception, an idea ignited by spiritual wisdom, for the creation of a perfect world colored by seven qualities of Knowledge, Purity, Peace, Happiness, Love, Bliss and Power, where human souls live in harmony with each other as well as with nature.

Driven by Supreme Soul, Supreme GodFather’s loveful guidance and grace, this venture aims at bringing human souls closer to nature and was initiated in October 2019 by VecRas Creations Pvt. Ltd., (a leading digital design company, based in Amritsar, Punjab, born in the year 2007).

As we are already aware, nowadays, there is not even a single family that is free from challenges; physical or mental. The root cause of the majority of these challenges is that we have drifted away from the natural way of living & being. We must remember that in order to change our “Sansaar” (world), we need to first work on changing our “Sanskaars” (Impressions). This is why we are here to help you on your journey of “Sanskaar Parivartan” (transformation of old belief systems/ habits).

The main objectives of this venture are:

1. Raising awareness among people to heal themselves naturally by transforming their lifestyle.

2. Providing them all the necessary resources which they will need during this transformation journey to make it easier and convenient for them.

There are three broad categories of these resources which include:

Organic and Vegan Grocery

“We are what we eat plus what we ate”. Therefore, the way we feel or behave is deeply connected to the food we eat. We, at Satopradhan Vision, try our best to educate people about healthy food choices and guide them to invest in good food rather than medicines. We provide a whole range of best quality Healthy Dairy Substitutes, Cereals, Snacks, Sweeteners, Organic Grains, Pulses, Spices, Dried Herbs, Dried Fruits, Seeds and much more to provide you delicious and healthiest food so that healthy eating is enjoyable for you.

Our dedicated team initially carries out extensive research of authentic suppliers & manufacturers dealing in resources of our interest. We then verify their organic certification, check & compare samples from various sources and finalize the ones who offer the best quality at the best price. We purchase all these resources directly from suppliers in bulk quantities and make them available to you at prices lesser than their market price.

Kitchen Gardening

“Gardening is the best therapy in the world”. It is a great way of refreshing ourselves and serving mother Nature while expressing gratitude for all the gifts Nature has given us. To make home gardening feasible, enjoyable and easy for everyone, we have prepared a step by step guide on “How to Set up your own Terrace/ Kitchen Garden to grow your food”. Moreover, we also provide all necessary gardening resources required for establishing a home garden.
These resources include Fabric Grow Bags in various sizes to grow Succulent Plants, Indoor Plants, Beneficial Flowers, Leafy Greens, Herbs, Vegetable & Fruit Plants, Organic Desi Seeds (Wide Variety), Soil Mix, Complete Plant Nutrition & Protection, DIY Gardening Kits, Gardening Tools, etc. and Knowledge to practice "Yogic Kheti" i.e. to grow fruits and vegetables organically with Yogic Powers (pure, positive & powerful vibrations generated during Rajyoga Meditation).
All these resources have been specially devised to overcome majority limitations concerned with conventional home gardening such as insufficient space, heavyweight of clay pots and soil, difficulty in maintaining proper cleanliness, lack of enough knowledge regarding plant care, dilemma regarding appropriate potting mix, inability to cure plants from transplant shock etc.

Sustainable Goods

“It is our duty to save environment's beauty”. We are all souls (stars of unique light) who perform actions through the human body. Our body is the first home we reside in and is one of the greatest gifts that we have received from nature. Hence, we must keep it clean and healthy. Also, it is equally important to keep our surroundings clean and preserve our environment as planet Earth is the home we all share.

To help you maintain cleanliness inside your body as well as around you and contribute towards saving our environment, we provide environment-friendly resources such as Detox Kit including Enema Pot & Wet Pack Set, Eco-Friendly Shopping / Grocery Bags, Rock Salt Lamps, Glass Bottles, etc. All of these help in reducing waste and maintaining cleanliness in our internal as well as external environment.

We promise to provide you with all these resources at a high quality and most reasonable price. All of them are tried and tested by us and our team.“We practice what we preach!”.

For any queries or order placement, you can send WhatsApp Message at 708.798.4000 or place order directly from our website


As we all know, every great initiative in life is taken after lighting the lamp of knowledge. So, as you step ahead on your health transformation journey, we would also like to introduce you to the most valuable spiritual knowledge given by Supreme Soul, Supreme Father, God Himself, that will work wonders if implemented in your life! We invite you for:

  • Free Rajyoga Meditation Course through WhatsApp by Brahma Kumaris for improving mental health, overcoming depression, managing stress, reducing anxiety, harmonizing relationships, etc. as mental wellness is the foundation for physical well-being. For any queries or free registration, kindly send WhatsApp Message at 708.708.9000
satopradhan vision

About our Logo

The logo of this venture beautifully represents its fundamental objective.  The sun shown on top represents the Supreme Soul, God, the Sun of Knowledge, Virtues, and Powers. The seven rays radiating from the sun represent seven basic qualities (Knowledge, Purity, Peace, Happiness, Love, Bliss and Power) which are original Sanskaars of each soul.  But with time, we the souls have become devoid of these fundamental qualities (a state known as “Tamopradhan” meaning full of the darkness of ignorance”) and as a result, the quality of our thoughts, words, and deeds has degraded.  

We now need to recharge ourselves by reconnecting to the source of these qualities i.e. our beloved Godfather through the technique of Rajyoga Meditation which involves the realization of self as soul, a star of unique light and loveful remembrance of God in His one true form i.e. ever pure and ever-powerful point of light.  The souls who do so again become full of these seven fundamental qualities and are known as “Satopradhan” meaning “Full of seven qualities”. Such pure divine souls live in harmony among each other and with nature as depicted in the logo. This world painted in beautiful colors of purity, peace, happiness, love, and prosperity is known as “Heaven or Satyug”. The establishment of such a perfectly happy world is the main goal of this venture.