Set of 6 Organic cotton hankies for Men are perfect for the sensitive skin as well, and supports organic farming
Satoprashan brand tag is stitched to the one corner of hanky to give it elegant look
Durable and long-lasting stitching
Hankies are made from the GOTS certified Organic cotton fabric
Organic Cotton Handkerchief for Men - 18”x18” Large | Men’s Hankies Cream White | Pack of 6 |
These hankies are pre-washed. Hence, no shrinkage after repeated washes
Hankies can be used for multipurpose: from removing sweat, to clean your glasses and skin & to use when during sneezing and cough
Using organic cotton fabric supports sustainable agriculture and enviornment by not using chemicals or synthetic fertilizers that helps in reducing penetrating toxic residues in water bodies and enviornment
The set of 6 hankies packed in a reusable(as hankies holder)  and compostable packaging

Organic Cotton Handkerchief for Men - 18”x18” Large | Men’s Hankies Cream White | Pack of 6

Organically grown and toxin-free, our men's handkerchiefs provide a gentle touch that's kind to your skin. And their large size ensures optimal usage for men.

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10 reviews

Key Values

  • Set of 6 Reusable Handkerchiefs
  • Colour: Natural Cream White
  • Size: 18”x18”
  • GOTS Certified Cloth
  • Unbleached Organic Cotton Cloth
  • Pre-Washed & Pressed - No Shrinkage
  • Supports Organic Farmers
  • Less Environmental Impact


  • Embrace irritation-free softness with organic cotton hankies, ideal for delicate skin.
  • Free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and toxins, ensuring a natural and safe touch.
  • Reduce your environmental impact with hankies that leave a gentle mark
  • Contribute to fair labour practices and positive change through conscious choices
  • Experience long-lasting quality with highly durable organic cotton hankies
  • Promote healthier ecosystems with hankies that support sustainable farming practices


  • Wipe away the sweat and keep your face fresh throughout the day
  • Dab delicately for quick touch-ups or to catch unexpected sneezes
  • Gently clean your hands without the need for disposable tissues

Essential Info

Soak in a bio enzyme or any natural liquid for washing, then sun-dry; skip twist drying for better care.

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Empowering You, Our Planet, and the Farmers!

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