grow sprouts at home kit
grow sprouts at home kit

Seed Sprouting Jar Kit - Unique Strainer Cap and Seed Mix Pack

Rs 750.00
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Ideal to make your sprouting experience easy & enjoyable. A must-have kit comprising all the essentials required for growing your own “Living Superfood” at home in the easiest way!

What’s in the Pack?

  • Borosilicate Glass Jar 900ml 
  • Strainer Cap for Sprouting Jar
  • Vegetable Seeds Mix Pack
  • How to Grow Guide

Highlights of DIY Home Sprouting Kit

  • Food-Grade, User-Friendly, Eco-friendly, and Sustainable Package
  • Includes everything you need to grow sprouts using the easiest Sprouting Jar Method
  • Glass Container with Air-Tight Steel Lid and Anti-Slip Silicone Base
  • The First-Ever Specially Designed Strainer Cap
  • Healthiest Seed Mix with the most popular Vegetable Seeds (Alfalfa, Clover, Fenugreek & Radish)
  • Step by Step Instruction Leaflet


  • Best Sprouting Method: Satopradhan Seed Sprouting Kit contains everything you need to grow sprouts very easily in your kitchen. Instead of other sprouting methods with certain limitations, this kit encourages you to grow your sprouts using the Sprouting Jar Method, which is the most efficient & convenient way.
  • High-Quality Seeds: A blend of premium-quality and fastest-growing organic & uncoated vegetable seeds to help you escape the confusion of choosing one type of sprouting seed to start! 
  • Unique & Very Easy to Use: The first-ever uniquely designed strainer cap makes the entire sprouting process so easy & enjoyable. The borosilicate glass container is perfect to be used with this cap to ensure that you get a healthy & crispy harvest for your indoor garden.
  • Ideal for All: Satopradhan Sprouting Kit is ideal for both first-time gardeners and experienced gardeners to help them grow their sprouts using the most convenient way and a step-by-step illustrated guide.
  • Perfect Gift Idea: A perfect DIY Sprout Kit to be gifted to your loved ones or any aspiring gardener to help them nurture a new hobby and start growing together

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