organic grocery products

Consume Organic Satvic Food

Complete range of organically grown & plant-based wholesome groceries to make your health transformation journey easy & enjoyable!


Dairy Substitutes

Delicious & Healthy, Ready-to-Use, Plant-Based Alternatives to Animal Milk & Dairy Products to help you easily switch to a Vegan Diet!

Tea-Coffee Replacements

Natural, Organically Grown, Caffeine-Free & Chemical-Free Healthy Alternatives to help you overcome Tea/ Coffee Addiction!

Natural Sweeteners

Superior-Quality, Organic, Unrefined, Unsulphured, Sun-dried & Healthy Natural Replacements for all types of Refined & White/Brown Sugar!

organic immunity booster products

Immunity Boosters

Purely Natural, Organic, Plant-Based, Chemical-Free Alternatives to commonly Immunity Boosters & Supplements

Dried Herbs & Spices

High-Quality, Natural, Purely Organic, Flavourful & Highly Aromatic, Unadulterated and Healthy Alternatives to Artificial Flavors & Colors!

Grains, Pulses & Flours

All Natural, Organic, Nutrient-Dense, Wholesome, Diabetic-friendly & Chemical-free Healthy Substitutes to Refined Cereals & Animal Protein!

Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruits

Purely Natural, Raw, Organic, Unroasted & Unsalted Nutritive Nuts & Seeds, and 100% Natural, Unsulphured & Sun-Dried Fruits.

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