organic grocery

Organic Grocery

In a world where purity is often sacrificed for profit, we've taken a stand. Our collection offers assurance—every item is carefully sourced and tested; free from the additives and processing that plague many staples.

No more guesswork or label decoding! We've done the groundwork so you can shop confidently, knowing each product meets our stringent purity standards. By choosing our Organic Staple Collection, you're supporting sustainable farming practices and investing in your health.


nuts, seeds and dried fruits

Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruits

100% Natural, Raw, Organic & Highly Nutritious Nuts & Seeds and Superior-Quality & Dried Fruits.

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dried herbs and spices

Dried Herbs & Spices

Authentic, Aromatic, Organically Grown and Naturally Shade-Dried Herbs and Unsulphured premium quality Spices

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Wooden Cold-Pressed Oils

100% Organic, Raw, Pure, Unbleached, Unrefined, Virgin Wooden Cold-Pressed Oils.

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Wholesome Grains

All Natural, Organic, Nutrient-Dense, Wholesome, Diabetic-friendly & Chemical-free Grains

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Unpolished Pulses

100% Organic, Naturally Grown, Unpolished, Wholesome, Superior-Quality, Free of any Chemical Additives/ Preservatives.

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Slow-Milled Flours

100% Natural, Organic, Wholesome, Non-GMO, Diabetic-Friendly, Free of Chemical Pesticides/ Preservatives and have been Traditionally Grown &  Hygenicaly Ground/ Packed

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Healthy Substitutes of Tea and Coffee 

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Can Satvic Sabzi Be Tasty? | बिना तेल, प्याज़ व लहसुन के स्वादिष्ट सब्ज़ी कैसे बनाएँ? |

Have you ever thought that we can make very tasty satvic sabzi without oil....

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Health Awareness & Satvic Recipe Blog

Feed your mind with 'Why' before you decide 'What' to eat

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Pressed Oils

Cooking oils play a crucial role in our daily meals. We pour, sauté, and drizzle without....

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Understanding the Risks of Refined Cooking Oils | Rethink Your Kitchen Choices

we will delve into how our cooking oils have transformed over the years, from the traditional cold-pressed...

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Is Satopradhan Jaggery Powder the Purest Choice for Your Health?

Jaggery, also known as “gur”, has been cherished as a natural sweetener for centuries.

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what are millets

What Are Millets – Benefits Of Millets

What usually comes to our mind when we think of a grain meal? Maybe roti sabzi or rice and curry. If we lived 90....

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3 Healthy Satvic Sabzi Recipes for Winter

Have you ever thought we could make delicious satvic sabzi without oil, spices, onion, or garlic?....

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100% Plant-Based Butter Alternative

Cacao butter is natural fat extracted from cacao beans, which are the seeds of the cacao tree. It is the key ingredient in chocolate making and possesses a smooth,

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All About Cacao Powder – Cacao vs Cocoa

Feeling a little low today? Did you know that taking a piece of a chocolate bar can help uplift your mood?

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Top 10 Most Common Questions Asked By A Vegan

When someone is about to adopt a vegan lifestyle or has already become one, he needs clarity

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Organic Spices – Quick Guide to Premium Quality Indian Spices

They are the basic elements used in every dish, and although not easily seen,

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Organic Whole Grain Flours

What are Whole Grain Flours? They are the flours made by grinding cereal crops or grains

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Incredibly Delicious & Creamy Coconut Milk Powder

What is Coconut Milk Powder? Satopradhan Vegan Coconut Milk Powder is a creamy, milky powder

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All About Natural Peanut Butter – 100% Peanuts & Nothing Else

What is peanut butter? It is a paste or spread made from dry-roasted peanuts. Why is it used

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Organic Quinoa | World’s Latest Favourite Superfood

What is Quinoa? It is a protein-packed, gluten-free seed that can make a great substitute....

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Organic Rolled Oats – Whole Grain Food to Prepare Quick Meals 

What are Rolled Oats? They are incredibly nutritious, lightly processed whole....

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5-Minute Creamy Coconut Ladoo Recipe | Instant Satvic Dessert

Ladoos are an integral part of several Indian occasions ranging from festivals, traditional events....

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100% Vegan And Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe

Nothing is better than enjoying a cup of Healthy Hot Chocolate, on a rainy day, without any guilt trip.

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