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Nature-friendly alternatives for your everyday needs to help you make wiser decisions & better choices in moving towards sustainable living! 


Bio Enzyme Cleaners

Collection of Premium-Quality, Eco-friendly, Chemical-Free & Exquisite Resources for daily use in a Sustainable & Satvic Home!

Natural Body Care

Pure, Cruelty-Free & Chemical-Free Resources for your Skin, Hair, Body & Oral Care, containing Natural & Plant-Based ingredients.

Satvic Kitchen Tools

Superior-Quality, Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Labour-Saving, Food-Grade & Aesthetically Pleasing tools essential for a perfect Satvic Kitchen!

Plastic Alternatives

Range of 100% Eco friendly, Recyclable, Completely Biodegradable, Cruelty-free & Plant-Based Alternatives to daily use Plastic items.

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All About Bio Enzymes – The Best Solution to Toxic Chemical Cleaners

Bio enzyme cleaners are organic solutions obtained by fermentation of fruit/vegetable peels, jaggery & water

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Enema – The Easiest And Best Natural Way For Colon Cleansing

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Rock Salt Lamp | Energize Your Room with Natural Air Purifier

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