satopradhan eco friendly plastic free reusable stainless steel straws
eco friendly plastic free packaging
straws comes 8mm of diameter and 205mm length
food grade, eco friendly, lab tested  satopradhan stainless steel straws
benefits of satopradhan stainless steel straws
usage of guide of stainless steel straws

Stainless Steel Straws - Set of 6 Reusable Eco-Straws & a Cleaning Brush - Food grade and BPA free

A perfect Nature-friendly alternative to Plastic Straws! It helps you enjoy a guilt-free conscious by saying NO to single-use plastic and doing your bit to reduce the plastic waste burden from Mother Earth.

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Key Values
  • A set of 6 straws of diameter 8mm
  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • Made of lab-tested 304 Stainless Steel material
  • Food-grade and BPA-free
  • One flexible cleaning brush also included
  • Excellent finishing inside as well
  • Thoughtful design with a slight bend for convenient insertion into the mouth
  • Unique packaging in an easy-to-use card tube box
  • Compact, highly durable, and very easy to carry
  • Lightweight & user-friendly
  • 100% safe; zero risks of leaching chemicals
  • Washable & reusable
  • Can be easily cleaned from the inside with the help of a sleek brush to ensure no residues remain stuck inside
  • No nasty aftertaste or weird odor
  • The large diameter makes it easier to slurp even the beverages of thicker consistency.
  • A complete set of six straws encourages the entire family to enjoy healthy satvic drinks together.
  • Ideal substitute for single-use plastic straws, which are extremely bad for the environment.
  • Use them to enjoy all types of hot and cold beverages, even the ones having thicker consistency.
  • Always keep one pack of these six straws in the car to enjoy your favorite fresh drinks (like coconut water) on the way.
  • Carry these eco-straws in your handbag to use whenever needed and save yourself from the guilt of using plastic straws.
  • Don’t forget to add them to your cutlery set as these are as needful as cutlery.

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