satopradhan organic, sustainable diy wheatgrass growing kit
kit includes microgreen trays, cocopeat mix, organic desi wheatgrass seeds and growing guide
comes in eco friendly plastic free packaging
eco friendly plastic free packaging
easy to use diy wheatgrass growing kit
pack includes microgreen trays, cocpeat mix, organic desi wheatgrass seeds, growing guide
easy to use, reusable trays, perfect gift idea
step by step growing guide

Complete Wheatgrass Growing DIY Kit | Microgreen Trays | Soilless Cocopeat Mix | Organic Wheatgrass Seeds

A starter kit for easy and enjoyable access to “Fresh Wheatgrass” & help you make the highly detoxifying superfood a part of your daily diet. Grow, Harvest & Enjoy the “Healing Juice” at Home in Just 1 Week!

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What is a Wheatgrass Growing Kit?
It is a must-have kit that helps you learn to grow wheatgrass at home & allows you to escape from the need to choose other expensive alternatives like pills, powder, or bottled juices to heal various diseases.

What’s in the Pack?

  • 2 Sets of Bottom Watering Microgreen Trays
  • 1.5 Kg Cocopeat Mix 
  • 200g Wheatgrass Seeds 
  • Step-by-Step Instructions on the label

 Benefits of Wheatgrass Starter Kit

  • Easy to Use
    Satopradhan Wheatgrass Starter Kit contains everything you need to grow this superfood quickly in your kitchen. Instead of other growing methods with certain limitations, this kit encourages you to grow your wheatgrass using the Bottom Watering Method, which is the most efficient & convenient way.

  • Reusable Trays
    Four UV Treated Virgin Plastic 42x17cm Rectangular trays with and without holes. Reusable, superior-quality, 4cm high stackable trays, one with drain holes nestable in another tray without holes for growing microgreens indoors. These trays can be used to grow all types of microgreens easily.

  • Availability of Fresh Wheatgrass
    This kit ensures the fresh availability of wheatgrass & escapes you from the need to choose other alternatives like its powdered form, wheatgrass pills, or bottled juices.

  • Daily Access to a Great Source of Chlorophyll
    This DIY kit helps you grow and make the immunity-boosting wheatgrass shots a part of your daily diet.

  • Perfect Gift Idea
    A perfect kit to be gifted to your loved ones to help them heal various ailments and improve overall health. It is ideal for both children and adults.

How to Prepare Wheatgrass juice?

  • If using an electric juicer, place a bunch of cut wheatgrass, tip it down into the hole at the top & juice it.
  • If using a grinder, place the cut wheatgrass in the grinder with a bit of water & blend. Use a nut milk bag or a cheesecloth to squeeze out the juice.

Note: Once juiced, it begins to go bad in half an hour, so consuming it is best to consume it immediately after juicing or within 12 hours.

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