Eco-friendly surface disinfectant, Eco Floor Clener, Bio-Enzyme, Chemical-free floor cleaner
Eco-friendly surface disinfectant, Eco Floor Clener, Bio-Enzyme, Chemical-free floor cleaner

Floor Cleaner 700 ml | Eco-Friendly Surface Disinfectant

Enriched with good microbes, the bio enzyme cleaner keeps your floors clean without emitting toxic fumes. It reduces the indoor level of VOC pollutants and helps rejuvenate the planet!

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Bio enzyme floor cleaner helps remove stains, kill bacteria, deactivate germs, and keep your floors clean without any sticky residue. It is enriched with the antibacterial properties of lemongrass and insect-repelling properties of neem & camphor with a refreshing mint fragrance.

Citrus Bio Enzyme
Lemongrass Bio Enzyme
Neem Bio Enzyme
Soapnut Bio Enzyme
Pure Essential Oil

Key Features

  • Prepared Naturally with Pure Vibrations
  • Safe for Wood, Granite, Ceramic, and Tile Floors
  • No Phosphates, No Chlorine, No Ammonia
  • Removes 99.9% of Pathogens
  • Tested & Certified by NABL Accredited Labs
  • Safe for Us, Pets & Mother Earth
  • Upcycled Plastic Bottle Packaging

Note: A patch test is required before its application on marble floors.


  • Cleans All Types of Surfaces: The bio enzyme-based floor cleaner helps remove the stains, dust & grime from every nook and corner of the house without any sticky residue. The microbes can enter the smallest cracks and crevices, which even chemical-based cleaners cannot reach. They are suitable for cleaning all surfaces but may require a patch test before using them on marble floors.
  • Helps Get Rid of Mosquitoes: The pest-repelling properties of lemongrass, neem, and camphor make it perfect for getting rid of certain mosquitoes, insects, and drain flies.
  • Reduces Indoor Air Pollution: The natural floor cleaner helps reduce the number of VOCs produced indoors, purify the air and hence reduce indoor air pollution. It helps clean your living space without releasing any damaging VOCs.
  • Performs Residual Cleaning: The microbes in the non-toxic floor cleaner keep on working until all the stains & dust completely disappears i.e. it keeps on working even after the floor has been cleaned.
  • Leaves a Refreshing Fragrance: Satopradhan floor cleaner fills every corner of your house with a refreshing mint aroma due to the Use of 100% pure essential oils.

Eco-Friendly Note: We played our part by repurposing the wasted plastic bottles; now it's your turn to send them for recycling after use  :)

How to Use it?
Shake well before Use. Add 5 ml of Floor Cleaner to 5 Litre of lukewarm water & use it to mop the floor.
For greasy & stubborn deposits, use Satopradhan Tough Stain Cleaner.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep the lid tightly closed.

Shelf Life: Best before 24 months from the date of packaging.

Note: As the ingredients undergo a natural fermentation process, sedimentation occurs naturally. Always use it in diluted form.