satopradhan food grade strainer to seive nut milk, juices and vegetable soups
unique jointless rounded design to ensure convenient usage
wide opening mouth to prefectly fit on top of bowls of different sizes
long-lasting, strong quality material
easy to wash, clean & clear of the residue
eco friendly plastic free packaging

Nut Milk Bag - A perfect Food-Grade Strainer to sieve your Dairy-free Milk & Juices finely - Durable & Easy to Use

Why spend on an expensive juicer when you have a mixer at home? First-Ever Jointless Nut Milk Bag; mindfully designed using choicest quality Fine Nylon cloth is a user-friendly & premium-quality alternative to commonly used Muslin Cloth to separate the solids from your favorite nut milk and vegetable or fruit juices.

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Key Values
  • Excellent quality material which is long-lasting & strong enough to reuse multiple times.
  • Big, round, and stretchable bag with a wide flexible mouth to perfectly fit on top of bowls of different sizes.
  • Requires minimal maintenance and very little effort to wash, clean & clear off the residue.
  • More surface area for squeezing & no scope of residue accumulation in corners or joints.
  • Unique jointless design with resilient elastic to ensure convenient usage.
  • Quickly strains various liquids very easily and thus saves a lot of time & energy.
  • Ideal for sieving juices of various fruits & vegetables, thereby eliminating the need of having a costly juicer.
  • Very fine nylon mesh allows perfect filtration of all types of plant-based milk.
  • Unlike cloth pieces that absorb or retain some amount of liquid, this nut milk bag separates pulp from liquid very efficiently and thus increases the overall yield.
  • Ideal size to perfectly meet the daily requirements of an average family.
  • Use it to finely filter various homemade dairy-free milk such as coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk, etc.
  • Sieve fresh juices of fruits & vegetables easily and enjoy them with your family.

It is recommended to wash the nut milk bag before first use.

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