satopradhan organic, sustainable microgreens growing kit
box contain two fabric grow trays, cocpeat mix, organic desi seeds, growing guide
eco friendly, user friendly, include everthing to grow microgreens at home
unique and easy to use, ideal for all, perfect gift idea
Microgreen Growing Kit - Sustainable & Ready to Use DIY Microgreen Seeds Grow Gift Kit - Grow Your Own Microgreen Kit

Microgreen Growing Kit - Sustainable & Ready to Use DIY Microgreen Seeds Grow Gift Kit - Grow Your Own Microgreen Kit

Ideal to grow young edible greens with concentrated nutrition. A must-have kit comprising all the essentials required for growing your own “Delicious Microgreens” at home in the easiest way!

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This Kit Includes

  • Two Fabric Grow Bag Trays 8"x2"
  • Dried Cocopeat Mix 400g in a reusable cotton bag
  • Two varieties of Organic Desi Seeds (10gm each)
  • A How to Grow Guide

Highlights of DIY Microgreens Growing Kit

  • User-Friendly, Eco-friendly, and Sustainable Package
  • Includes everything you need to grow Microgreens using the most convenient bottom-watering method
  • Specially Designed Growing Trays made of Durable & Reusable Fabric
  • Organic, Heirloom & Open-Pollinated Vegetable Seeds
  • 100% Natural & Organic Dried Soilless Cocopeat Mix
  • Step-by-Step Instruction Leaflet


  • Unique & Very Easy to Use
    Thoughtfully designed & reusable fabric growing trays and the most suitable soilless media make the entire process of growing microgreens very easy & enjoyable.
  • High-Quality Seeds
    Two varieties of easy-to-grow organic desi seeds with high germination rate to ensure that you regularly get a healthy & crispy harvest for your indoor garden. These seeds are non-hybrid & non-treated and can be planted any time of the year.
  • Ideal for All
    Satopradhan Grow Your Own Microgreens Kit is ideal for both first-time gardeners and experienced gardeners to help them grow the tiny edible plants using the most convenient way and a step-by-step illustrated guide.
  • Perfect Gift Idea
    DIY Microgreens Growing Gardening Kit makes a sustainable gift hamper to be gifted to your loved ones or any aspiring gardener to help them nurture a new hobby and start growing together. :)

Important Note: Add 1.5 litres of water to dried cocopeat & mix well before use.