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Vermiculite - Satopradhan
Vermiculite - Satopradhan
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Naturally occuring, non-toxic mineral that does not rot or deteriorate. Contains high proportions of magnesium, aluminum, iron and silicate. Exfoliated after extraction to make it ready to use for home gardening.


  • Lightweight mineral with a nearly neutral pH
  • Conditions & lightens soil
  • Promotes better aeration & drainage
  • Improves soil structure
  • Encourages better root growth & plant development
  • Retains water & nutrients, making them readily available to plants as per their needs
  • Helps reduce the watering frequency
  • Allows easy absorption of nutrients by the plants


  • Often used to improve the quality of heavy, clayey, sandy & other types of poor draining soil
  • Added to the potting mix, either alone or in conjugation with coco peat or compost, to lighten the potting mix, improve aeration & retain moisture for supporting healthy root development
  • Excellent for water loving tropical plants due to its great moisture retention property
  • Helps keep cut flowers fresh for longer, without the need to change water again & again
  • Used to cover the lawn after seedling, to maintain consistent moisture and protect seeds from heat
  • Commonly used during propagation to encourage rapid root growth in cuttings
  • Mixture of vermiculite and topsoil is added around the root ball during transplantation to maintain optimum moisture, improve aeration around the roots and allow transplanted plants to settle better.
  • Also used as a mulch for some plants such as roses and tomatoes, to improve moisture level and protect roots from heat.