Vardhak Khaad
 Vardhak Khaad
 Vardhak Khaad
Vardhak Khaad
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Organic Compost with Complete Nutrition - Vardhak Khaad

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Organic Compost with Complete Nutrition or Vardhak Khaad is made from Multiple Highly Potent Natural Formulations like Bhasm Rasayan, Bilva Rasayan, Rock Phosphate, Sarson Khali, Govardhan Sajeev Khaad and Mycorrhiza ecto & endo.

It is used in Organically Maintained Kitchen/ Terrace Gardens, Lawns & Farms to provide all the vital macro & micronutrients such as N, P, K, C, Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Mo, B, S, Cl, Ni, etc., for the healthy growth of the plants.

What is Vardhak Khaad?
It is a highly nutritious organic compost made by mixing several natural nutrition liquids, organic manures & beneficial fungi. It provides all kinds of essential nutrients required for the optimal growth & development of the plants.

What are its Benefits?
  • Rich in all essential macro & micronutrients
  • Suitable for all types of plants
  • Enhances the yield, quality, size, color & taste of fruits/ vegetables
  • Promotes the growth of big & healthy flowers
  • Makes leaves greener & brighter
  • Encourages the development of a healthier root system
  • Enriches soil with beneficial microbes
  • Improves the overall health of the plants
  • Boosts plant immunity to prevent the occurrence of various problems
  • Enables plants to develop balanced food for us

How is it Used?
Add 10g of Vardhak Khaad to each 12” planter once in a month. You can vary its amount depending on the size of the container.