summer vegetable seeds
summer vegetable seeds
summer vegetable seeds
summer vegetable seeds
summer vegetable seeds
summer vegetable seeds

Summer Vegetable Growing Seeds Kit - A Bundle of Organically grown 25 high-quality Desi variety seeds with complete sowing information

Thoughtfully chosen, heirloom seed varieties to plant a summer home garden. 100% Organic & Natural seed packs with detailed & authentic information; most suitable for chemical-free kitchen/terrace gardening!

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Highlights of Satopradhan Summer Vegetable Seed Kit
  • Eco-friendly, Reusable and Sustainable Package
  • Sowing Time: Jan to July
  • High Germination Rate
  • Suitable for outdoor garden
  • Number of seed varieties: 25
  • Seed Type: Vegetable
  • Individually packaged & labeled seeds
  • Easy to grow in containers
25 Organic Desi Summer Seed Varieties
  • Ash Gourd
  • Bhindi/Okra
  • Bitter Gourd
  • Bitter Gourd Small
  • Bottle Gourd
  • Brinjal Long
  • Brinjal Round
  • Bulb Gourd
  • Carrot Chantenay
  • Capsicum Green
  • Chilli Green Long
  • Cucamelon
  • Cucumber Green Long
  • French Beans
  • Muskmelon
  • Pumpkin Green
  • Radish Golden
  • Round Gourd
  • Snake Gourd
  • Spiny Gourd
  • Sponge Gourd
  • Sweet Corn
  • Tomatoes Cherry
  • Tomatoes Desi
  • Zucchini Yellow

Benefits of Summer Vegetable Starter Kit

  • Easy to Grow
    These seed varieties are easy to grow and ideal for growing in 12” to 24” wide and 10” to 12” deep containers. This kit is a great option to choose when you plan to start your very own home garden.
  • High-Quality Seeds
    Twenty-five popular & heat-tolerant varieties of organic desi seeds with a high germination rate to ensure that you get fresh, nutritious & water-rich harvest during summers. These versatile seeds are non-hybrid & non-treated to sow during the warm season.
  • Individually Packed & Labeled Seeds
    Satopradhan Summer Seed Kit includes all seed varieties packed and labeled individually in a separate sachet within the outer package, which provides two layers of protection from moisture and light. Seed packets offered by Satopradhan give you detailed & authentic information, which is very helpful to make your home garden a success.
  • Ideal for All
    Satopradhan Summer Vegetable Seed Kit contains a combination of mindfully chosen, highly nutritious vegetable seeds that are convenient to grow in containers in the kitchen garden by anyone.
  • Perfect Gift Idea
    DIY Summer Seed Starter Kit makes a sustainable gift hamper to be gifted to your loved ones who are keen to grow their own food.