Soilless Potting Mix
Soilless Potting Mix
Soilless Potting Mix
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Soilless Potting Mix

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100% Organic & Natural
Ready to use a soil mix with essential nutrients for plants.

Lightweight & Well-balanced Mixture, perfect for Container Gardening!

Enriched with bio-available micro & macronutrients to boost the optimal growth of the plants.

What is Soilless Potting Mix?
It is a blend of various natural ingredients like cocopeat, compost, sand, neem soil conditioner, perlite, vermiculite & bhasm rasayan, to provide the essential nutrition required for growing plants in containers.


  • Cocopeat for high water-holding capacity
  • Neem Soil Conditioner to prevent fungal infections
  • Vermiculite & Perlite to increase aeration & reduce soil compaction
  • Desi Cow Dung Compost for excellent nutrition & soil conditioning
  • Coarse Sand for a stable soil structure
  • Beneficial Microbes like Trichoderma, Pseudomonas & Mycorrhiza to stimulate plant growth

  • Environment friendly with entirely natural ingredients
  • Ideal for all kinds of indoor & outdoor plants
  • Retains moisture & nutrients around plant’s roots
  • Prevents root rot due to good drainage
  • Supports better uptake of nutrients by the plants

  • Use as a potting mix to fill in pots or grow bags
  • Use as a repotting media while transplanting your plants to new containers
  • Use as a soil conditioner to revamp existing soil in the containers
  • Use as a base to prepare raised beds for plantation

Storage: Store in a cool & dry place