Seed Starter Mix
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Seed Starter Mix

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A perfect growth medium for starting seeds!

100% Natural & Ready-to-use

100% Organic soilless mixture ideal for seed germination & plant propagation

What is a Seed starter mix?
It is a mixture of various beneficial microbes used to grow plants from seeds. It is suitable for germinating all types of seeds, i.e. small & big vegetable seeds, ornamental plants, herbs & flowers.

  • Cocopeat to increase moisture retention
  • Compost to provide the necessary nutrients to the seedlings
  • Vermiculite & Perlite to improve drainage and aeration


  • Provides a healthy start to the seeds
  • Promotes seed germination 
  • Encourages the growth of healthy & strong roots 
  • Prevents compaction in the trays or cups
  • Protects the delicate seedlings from fungal infections

How is it different from the potting mix?

  • Potting mix is very rich in nutrients necessary for the long term growth of the plants, whereas seed starter mix has a lesser amount of nutrients to avoid the seeds from getting burnt with an overdose of nutrition.
  • Potting mix has a coarse texture, whereas the seed starter mix is lightweight, soft & fluffy so that the baby roots can spread well & therefore enhance germination rate.
  • Potting mix is mainly used to transplant plants or grow plants in containers or pots, while seed starter mix is used to germinate seeds into seedlings.


  • Fill in the biodegradable cow dung pots with a moistened seed starter mix. Add seeds & sprinkle a thin layer of seed starter mix over the pots to maintain darkness for the seeds for better germination.
  • Use in the seedling bed, nursery pots or trays.
  • Use it as a base media for growing microgreens in trays.

Store in a cool & dry place