Rock Phosphate - Satopradhan
Rock Phosphate - Satopradhan
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Rock Phosphate

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Also known as phosphorite, it is derived from a natural sedimentary rock rich in phosphorus. Often used in home gardening as an important source of one of the three main essential nutrients for plants (P from NPK).


  • Unlike other fertilizers, it works with the soil and not against it
  • Provides a regular supply of the right amount of nutrients to the plants for a long time
  • Promotes the growth of a large number of healthy, big & colorful flowers (especially roses)
  • Encourages development of a healthier root system for perennial plants and trees in the lawn
  • Enhances the yield, quality and taste of organically grown vegetables
  • Controls pests in vegetable gardens
  • Plays an important role in seed formation


  • Often used as a natural organic fertilizer rich in phosphorus and calcium.
  • Added to the perennial flowering plants at the beginning of the season.
  • Applied to plants to reduce the threat of pest attacks.
  • Usually ploughed into the soil before sowing seeds or added later on.
  • Commonly used to provide optimum nutrition to vegetable crops.