Perlite - Satopradhan
Perlite - Satopradhan
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Naturally occurring volcanic glass with high water content, commonly known as “volcanic popcorn” or expanded pyrite. Contains high proportions of oxides of silicon, aluminium, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium & calcium. Expanded by heating volcanic rock/ glass to make it ready to use for home gardening.


  • Physically stable, very lightweight, non-toxic, naturally occurring mineral with a neutral pH.
  • Improves airflow in the soil by creating tiny air tunnels which allow moisture, oxygen and nutrients to flow freely to roots, as and when required by the plants.
  • Allows excess water to easily drain away while retaining some amount of moisture.
  • Prevents soil compaction & surface crusting, keeping soil fluffy & lightweight.
  • Serves as an insulator to reduce extreme soil temperature fluctuations.
  • Improves structure and texture of clayey and silt soils.


  • Often added to potting mix to improve aeration and drainage
  • Can be scattered on the surface of soil to absorb moisture by capillary action
  • Helps to encourage root growth in cuttings.
  • Most suitable for succulents and other plants susceptible to root rot due to overwatering since it helps drain off excess water easily.