Turmeric Powder
 Turmeric Powder
 Turmeric Powder
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Organic Haldi/ Turmeric Powder

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100% Natural & Pure

Premium Quality
Great Aroma & Flavour

Organic Haldi/ Turmeric Powder

Key Values 

  • Superior-Quality
  • Organically Cultivated
  • Hygienically Packed
  • Authentic Flavour & Colour
  • No Pesticides or Chemicals
  • No Additives or Preservatives


  • Food condiment - Use in moderate amount in various healthy satvic dishes to enhance the flavour & colour
  • Natural face wash - Mix 0.1g of turmeric powder with 0.8g of aloe vera gel. Apply on the face, leave for 5 minutes and then wash. 
  • Joint pain reliever - Mix 1/8th tbsp of turmeric powder with equal quantities of ginger powder and black pepper powder. Add a pinch of black salt to this mixture and consume it with 50 ml water.
  • Wound healer - Mix 1.25 tablespoon of turmeric powder and aloe vera gel with water to make a paste. Apply this mixture liberally over the affected area thrice a day.
    Note: The ultimate solution for healing various physical problems is to embrace a natural sattvic lifestyle. The methods explained above are just some of the natural ways to provide temporary relief.