Organic Ragi Whole/Finger Millet - Satopradhan
Organic Ragi Whole/Finger Millet - Satopradhan
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Organic Ragi Whole/Finger Millet

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Organic Ragi/ Finger Millet


  • Excellent source of Calcium as it has 5 to 30 times more Calcium content than other cereals
  • Rich in other essential minerals like Phosphorus, Potassium & Iron
  • Great source of Protein for vegetarians
  • Very good for growing Children
  • Strengthens Bones and Teeth
  • Extremely helpful for reducing excess Weight
  • Highly beneficial for those with low Hemoglobin levels


  • Make highly nutritious ragi sprouts and lightly cook them or grind into flour after drying.
  • Add sprouted ragi to salads and consume with a lot of fresh leafy greens and seasonal vegetables.
  • Grind whole ragi into flour to enjoy healthy chapati, cake, cookies, idli, pancakes & much more.
  • Prepare ragi malt, a great healthy drink.
  • Use it to make ragi porridge, a super healthy meal for babies.

Store in a cool, dry & dark place, away from moisture & direct sunlight.

Key Features: Gluten-Free, Very Rich in Calcium, Great for Weight Loss, Excellent for Growing Children