Neem Soil Conditioner
 Neem Soil Conditioner
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Natural Neem Khali - Organic Manure & Pesticide

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Organic Manure + Pesticide containing Natural NPK & Micronutrients along with Neem Based Active Ingredients
Used in Potted Plants, Kitchen Gardens, Terrace Gardens, etc. to optimize Soil MicroFlora, improve the quality of crops and control Termites, Nematodes, Insects & other Soil Pests.

What is it:
It is a natural soil conditioner and organic manure with neem kernel cake, manufactured using special cold pressed technology.

What are its Benefits:

  • Completely biodegradable
  • Rich in naturally occurring NPK, secondary nutrients (Calcium, Magnesium) & other Micronutrients (Zinc, Iron, Boron, etc.)
  • Controls various soil pests (Root-knot Nematodes, Termite population, Root Grubs, Pupae of Insects, Soil borne Fungi, etc.
  • Reduces use of Chemical Fertilizers & Insecticides
  • Improves water retention capacity, Enhances flavour, life and quality of crops.

How to Use:
Add 250gm Neem Conditioner in potting mix while planting plants in containers, with subsequent application of 50-100gm every month (at the periphery of the pot).
Use 4-5 kg Neem Conditioner per 100 square feet for garden with repeated application of 2-3 kg every month.