Neem Oil+ - Satopradhan
Neem Oil+ - Satopradhan
Neem Oil+ - Satopradhan
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Neem Oil+

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Organic Pesticide containing Active Ingredients such as Azadirachtin, Nimbin, Salanin, etc.
Used in Kitchen Gardens, Terrace Gardens, Organic Farming, etc. to Control over 200 species of Insects including Nematodes, Thrips, Leafhoppers, Aphides, White Flies, Mealy Bugs, Bollworms, Caterpillars, etc.

What is it: It is a biodegradable, neem based botanical pesticide which works by disrupting the life cycle of insects at various stages. It disables or cripples the pests in several ways rather than killing them.

What are its Benefits: Improves soil health, Non-Hazardous to humans and animals, Harmless to plants, Increases crop yield, Reduces risk of crop failure, Effective against a broad spectrum of insects.

How to Use: Mix 5 to 7 ml Neem Oil per litre of water and spray this diluted liquid on the upper and lower side of leaves, stem and branches.