satopradhan rock salt lamp
rock salt lamp with metal saucer
satopradhan rock salt lamp
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satopradhan rock salt lamp
satopradhan rock salt lamp
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satopradhan rock salt lamp

Rock Salt Lamp 2-3kg with Metal Saucer - Made from 100% Pure Himalayan rock salt

An attractive & natural lamp with brightness control to energize your room in a natural & elegant way with pure & clean vibes! Its soothing glow is an excellent way to reduce stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions & compliments your spiritual growth.

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Key Values

  • Made of 100% pure Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Natural shape
  • Gives off a soft glow of red/orange/yellow colors
  • Durable wire set
  • Easily replaceable bulb
  • Steady wooden base
  • Brightness dimmable control
  • An elegant metal saucer, 5" in diameter
  • Fully assembled in a safe packaging


  • Cleanses purifies and deodorizes the air
  • Creates a warm and welcoming ambiance
  • Alleviates symptoms of allergies, cough, cold, and asthma
  • Enhances concentration and performance
  • Raises energy levels and reduces stress
  • Looks stylish and suits any decor
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Metal saucer prevents the floor from getting wet in case of melting

Shelf Life
It can last for several years if properly taken care of. You can order an extra bulb/wire if needed.

Care Instructions

  • Switch it on every day
    Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps are hygroscopic i.e. they absorb moisture from the air. If the weather is quite humid and they are turned off for long, water can accumulate over them making them appear as if they are “crying”. So, ideally, it is best to turn them on for a few hours daily.

  • Cover it when not in use
    When not in use for a few days, place a plastic bag over the lamp and tuck under its base to prevent its contact with the moisture.