Mustard Cake Powder (Sarson Khali) - Satopradhan
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Mustard Cake Powder (Sarson Khali)

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It is a premium quality, unadulterated and easy-to-use fertilizer, widely used in home gardening. It is extracted from superior quality mustard seeds and is very rich in nutrients. First, the cake is made then it is crushed to make the powder.


  • Rich in organic NPK, protein and micronutrients
  • Promotes development of healthier plant roots
  • Increases size of flowers and shine of leaves
  • Enhances the yield and quality of fruits & vegetables
  • Prevents the occurrence of various diseases
  • Improves the overall health of plants


  • Mix it with other organic manure or fertilizers such as cow dung compost or vermicompost and use this mixture to feed the plants.
  • Directly mix with the topsoil around the base of the plant.
  • Prepare mustard tea or sarson ki khali tea by mixing 200g mustard cake powder in 10L of water. Stir this mixture twice daily and keep it aside for a few days. Take a small quantity of this tea and make its very dilute solution by adding more water until its color becomes very light yellow to nearly colorless. Add 1-2 litres of this diluted solution per plant, once a month to leafy greens and twice a month to flowering & fruiting plants.

Key Features: Premium Quality, Easy to Use, Organic Fertilizer