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Spray Gun
Spray Gun
  • SKU: 3TA-SGu

Spray Gun with 7 Watering Patterns - Perfect for Watering Different Plants or Washing Vehicles

Durable, Premium-Quality Spray Gun with unique watering patterns. Ideal to water several plants adequately as per their needs.

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Key Features

  • Seven Watering Patterns
    Different plants need to be watered differently as per their requirements. This spray gun has 7 different watering patterns- Mist, Jet, Shower, Flat, Centre, Cone, and Full which can be simply adjusted as per the requirement by turning the nozzle head.

  • Convenient Usage
    It can be easily connected to the hosepipe of the desired length.

  • Multipurpose
    Apart from watering the plants, it can also be used to wash vehicles, glass windows, etc.