Metal Hand Rake Tool
 Metal Hand Rake Tool
 Metal Hand Rake Tool
 Metal Hand Rake Tool
 Metal Hand Rake Tool

10 inch Metal Hand Rake Tool with Sturdy Handle for Composting & Gardening | Multipurpose Cultivator for Home Garden

Strong, 10-inch long, Garden Rake with three metal tines to sustain high amounts of pressure for cleaning and raking.

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Key Features
  • Multipurpose
    Used for loosening the soil, mixing fertilizer, removing fallen leaves or branches from the ground & spreading mulch, due to the perfect size to be used in most home gardening practices. Works well for detaching plants with shallow roots.
  • Corrosion-Resistant
    Heavy powder-coated metal to avoid any rust, Provides rubber & non-slippery grip handle which makes it easier to use in wet weather conditions, Hard to break, Detachable handle to change if required.
  • Reinforced Handle Hole
    Hook Hole at the end of the handle for hanging conveniently.