Liquid Spreader
 Liquid Spreader
 Liquid Spreader
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Non Toxic Surfactant for Spreading Plant Solutions - Liquid Spreader

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Organic, Biodegradable, Non-toxic Non-Ionic Surfactant or Liquid Spreader is used for rapid spreading of solutions sprayed on plants

What is it: It is a silicon-based adjuvant which reduces surface tension and thus enables sprayed liquid to spread evenly, on leaves, over a greater surface area.

What are its Benefits: Improves wetting, spreading and penetration of sprayed liquids into the plant tissues, Increases surface contact, Enhances the effectiveness of organic liquid fertilizers, pesticides or biostimulants sprayed on plants, Cost-effective, Reduces spray volume, Saves time and labour.

How to Use: Mix 0.5 to 1 ml Liquid Spreader per litre of water