Jaiv Rasayan
 Jaiv Rasayan
Jaiv Rasayan
Organic Bioenzyme made from Kitchen Waste - Jaiv Rasayan - Satopradhan
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Organic Bioenzyme made from Kitchen Waste - Jaiv Rasayan

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Organic Bioenzyme or Jaiv Rasayan is made from kitchen waste comprising of clean vegetable & fruit peels

It is used in Organically Maintained Kitchen/ Terrace Gardens, Lawns & Farms to provide all the vital micronutrients to the plants including Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Mo, B, S, etc.

What is Jaiv Rasayan?
It is an organic plant nutrition liquid made by mixing kitchen waste with water & jaggery during a 90-day fermentation process. It is rich in various micronutrients and provides the complete nutrition required for the optimal growth & development of the plants.

What are its Benefits?
Provides a wide range of essential nutrients to the plants
Does not have a foul smell
Treats various mineral deficiencies
Improves overall health of the plants
Enhances strength & weight of the fruit
Increases crop yield as well its taste, color & quality

How is it Used?
Foliar Spray- Mix 1 ml of Jaiv Rasayan per litre of water and spray this diluted liquid on the upper and lower side of leaves, stem and branches once in every 15 days.
Soil Conditioner- Mix 0.5 ml of Jaiv Rasayan in water and add this mixture to each 12” planter once in a month. You can vary its amount depending on the size of the container.