Humic Liquid - Satopradhan
Humic Liquid - Satopradhan
Humic Liquid - Satopradhan
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Humic Liquid

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Plant Bio-stimulant containing Humic + Fulvic acid along with other Organic Plant Growth Regulators
Used to enhance yield, shelf life and taste of fruits and vegetables

What is it: It is a natural plant growth enhancer which is extracted from the organic matter after it has been decomposed by microbes.

What are its Benefits: Improves Soil Texture, Promotes Root Growth, Enhances Nutrient Uptake, Aids Cell Wall Thickening, Accelerates Plant Metabolic Rate, Increases Root Respiration, Retains Optimum Water.

How to Use: Mix 5ml humic liquid per litre of water and spray this diluted liquid on leaves or pour at the base of the plant near roots.