Harad Rasayan
 Harad Rasayan
 Harad Rasayan
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Organic Iron Nutrition & Protection Liquid - Harad Rasayan

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Organic Iron Nutrition & Protection Liquid or Hard Rasayan is used in Organically Maintained Kitchen/ Terrace Gardens, Lawns & Farms to prevent iron deficiency and provide protection against Caterpillar Larvae.

What is Harad Rasayan?
It is natural nutrition as well as a protection provider made from the highly beneficial herb Harad by a 15-day fermentation process. It provides Iron to the plants and also protects them against attack by Caterpillar Larvae.

What are its Benefits?
Provides sufficient dose of Iron (a very important micronutrient) to the plants
Helps in getting rid of caterpillar larvae
Supports synthesis of the plant pigment chlorophyll
Maintains a healthy green color of the leaves
Prevents chlorosis or yellowing of leaf tissue
Reduces the risk of crop failure

How is it Used?
Mix 35 ml Harad Rasayan per liter of water and spray this diluted liquid on the upper and lower side of leaves, stem, and branches once in every 15 days.