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Fabric Hand Gloves

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Heavy Duty, Elegant, Protective Fabric Hand Gloves with breathable back and rubber coating at front. Ideal for regular home gardening work such as raking, pruning, feeding, repotting, etc. Protect skin & prevent the occurrence of blisters, wounds, scrapes or rashes while doing gardening tasks.

Premium Quality: Highly durable gloves made of polyester cotton fabric with rubberized coating at front.

Convenient Usage: Easy to wear with elastic at base and breathable back for greater comfort. Provide a very comfortable feeling even when worn for a longer duration. Available in universal size. Have excellent grip due to crinkle finish.

Perfect Protection: Fabric gloves protect from risk of microbial infections, insect bites, chemical pesticides or fertilizers, etc.

Key Features: Reusable, Heavy Duty, Offer Good Grip, Provide Protection.