tube with nozzle set steel enema or plastic enema pot
non toxic material, rounded edges nozzles, easily operable clamp, work well with both pvc and steel enema pots, highly durable
benefits of tube with nozzle set
eco friendly plastic free packaging

Tube with Nozzle Set for Steel or Plastic Enema Pot - A great add-on if you lose your existing set or need one for an additional family member

Looking for an easy and affordable way to share your enema pot among family members? Look no further than our tube and nozzle set! Not only is it designed for hygienic sharing, but it also serves as the perfect replacement set for lost or damaged parts.

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Share and replace with ease - our tube and nozzle set is designed for both hygienic sharing and as a replacement option for lost or damaged parts.


  • One PU tube/ pipe 30 inches long with a clamp
  • Two Nozzles - short & long
Key Values
  • Made from non-toxic & soft PU material
  • Rounded edges of the nozzles assist easy insertion without pain
  • Easily operable clamp to regulate water flow
  • Works well with both PVC & Steel enema pots
  • Highly durable
  • The best alternative to purchasing a whole new enema pot if you lose or damage your existing nozzle or tube
  • A cost effective solution to share one enema pot among multiple family members
  • Simply change the tube & nozzle periodically if you have been using it for a long time to maintain optimal performance and hygiene


  • Use it with your existing enema pot; simply swap out the nozzles if used by multiple family members and get the benefits of colon cleansing for your whole family.

Note: Please use one nozzle per person to maintain hygiene. After use, hang the tube to dry instead of wrapping it immediately.

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