Epsom Salt
Epsom Salt
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Epsom Salt - Natural Manure/ Pesticide

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Also known as magnesium sulfate, it is a white crystalline compound comprising of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen. Often used in home gardening as great plant food to fasten growth, boost flowering and enhance yield.


  • Helps in the production of chlorophyll and hence makes plants greener, bushier & healthier
  • Promotes growth of more number of vibrant flowers
  • Enhances the yield, quality & taste of fruits and vegetables
  • Increases the uptake of valuable nutrients by plants and improves the overall health of plants
  • Supports seed germination by strengthening their cell walls to produce stronger seedlings
  • Helps in getting rid of pests & weeds naturally
  • Prevents leaf curling/ yellowing, caused by magnesium deficiency


  • Add it to soil before sowing seeds in the garden or mix with organic fertilizer & add to the soil every month.
  • Make an epsom salt foliar spray during the growing season and spray on leaves of plants once in every two weeks, especially rose, tomato & pepper plants.
  • Use it as a medium for seed germination or mix it with soil in equal proportions while sowing seeds in trays/ containers.
  • Add it to holes before transplanting the seedling in the ground, to prevent transplantation shock.
  • Use it as a mulch during the growing season, especially for sandy soil or other nutrient-deficient soil types.