culinary herb growing kit
culinary herb growing kit
culinary herb growing kit
culinary herb growing kit
culinary herb growing kit
culinary herb growing kit
culinary herb growing kit
culinary herb growing kit

Culinary Herb & Flowers Growing Kit - DIY Gardening Kit for adding home-grown herbs to your satvic dishes

An outdoor garden starter kit comprising all the essentials required to grow your own "Healing Plants'' at home all year round. Grow & Use them to add fresh flavor to your satvic salads, smoothies & detox soups

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This Kit Includes :

  • Two 10”x9” Fabric Grow Bags
  • Two 10” Metal Saucers
  • One pack of Soilless Potting Mix
  • Four varieties of Organic Desi Seeds 
  • One Organic Nutrition Mix Bottle
  • A How to Grow Guide

Highlights of Satopradhan Culinary Herbs & Flowers Growing Kit

  • Eco-friendly, Reusable, and Sustainable Package
  • Unique Grow Bags made of Durable & Reusable Fabric 
  • High-Quality Metal Saucers to maintain the cleanliness of the surface beneath the grow bags
  • Organic, Heirloom & Open-Pollinated Herbs & Beneficial Flowers Seeds that can be planted any time of the year
  • 100% Natural, Reusable Soilless Potting Mix to be used in an equal proportion with Garden Soil
  • Complete Plant Nutrition mix to boost the health & growth of the plants
  • Step by Step Instructions


  • Easy to Use
    This kit contains all the essentials that you need to begin growing herbs easily at home in containers. Thoughtfully designed unique fabric grow bags, high-quality metal saucers, organic desi seeds, and reusable & well-balanced potting media make the entire process of growing herbs and flowers very easy & enjoyable. 
  • Specially Designed Fabric Grow Bags
    Elegant, reusable & round lightweight fabric grow bags suitable for growing deep-rooted herbs & flowers in small spaces. They are 100% eco-friendly & their neutral dark grey color looks great with various shades of greens.
  • High-Quality Seeds
    Four popular varieties of easy-to-grow organic desi seeds Basil Italian Genovese, Celery, Nasturtium & Chamomile with a high germination rate ensure that you get a highly nutritious harvest throughout the year. These versatile seeds are non-hybrid and non-treated.
  • Ideal for All
    Satopradhan Herbs & Flowers Starter Kit is easy enough to be used by beginners & valuable addition to an experienced gardener’s collection. It helps them grow a culinary herbal garden in the most convenient way using an easy-to-understand step-by-step illustrated guide.
  • Perfect Gift Idea
    DIY Culinary Herbs Growing Kit makes a sustainable gift hamper to be gifted to your loved ones or any aspiring gardener to help them incorporate this immunity-boosting, natural antacids into their satvic diet