Compost Maker
Compost Maker
Compost Maker
Compost Maker
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Compost Maker from Kitchen Waste

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100% natural compost maker powder to prepare the best organic compost for plants from kitchen waste. Suitable for anaerobic Bokashi composting using Trustbin.


  • Prepared from all natural ingredients such as wheat bran, sawdust, rice husk, dried leaves or used mushroom growth medium.
  • Inoculated with anaerobic microbes (microbes that don’t need air to survive).
  • Allows organic natural compost to be made at home very easily.
  • Helps in appropriate household waste management.

All the kitchen waste can be added in TrustBin and compost maker powder can be simply sprinkled over it. This process is to be repeated till the bin is full. Then this filled bin should be kept aside for a few days for the compose to be formed.