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Potash Plant Bio-Fertilizer - 250ml Organic Liquid Potassium Supplement Made from Ripe Bael Fruit | Plant Growth Promoter

An organic plant nutrition liquid with naturally occurring potassium & magnesium. It is a potassium mobilizer, made from the pulp of ripe bael fruit during a 90-day fermentation process. It is used in Organically Maintained Kitchen/ Terrace Gardens, Lawns & Farms to encourage healthy branching, flowering & fruiting in the plants & enhance the quality of the yield

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Key Ingredients
Potassium & Magnesium Bio-Enzyme made with Pulp of ripe bael fruit

  • Great source of natural potassium & magnesium
  • Enhances size, weight, colour, taste, fragrance & shine of fruits/ vegetables
  • Treats problems such as stunted plant growth, chlorosis, necrosis, etc. caused by mineral deficiency
  • Promotes the growth of a large number of beautiful & colorful flowers
  • Keeps the plants healthier, greener & attractive

Foliar Spray
Mix 5 ml per litre of water and spray this diluted liquid on the upper and lower sidesa of leaves, stem and branches once in every 10 days.

Soil Conditioner
Mix 10 ml in water and add this mixture to each 12” planter twice in a month. You can vary its amount depending on the size of the container.

Hair Conditioner
Mix 2 ml in 5 ml of water. Apply this mixture on your hair, gently massage for 5 minutes and rinse with water.

Cloth Color Brightener
Mix 50 ml 10L of water. Soak clothes in this mixture for 2 to 3 hours, wring them and hang to dry.

Floor Cleaner
Add 20 ml in 10L water and mop the floor using this mixture.

Room Freshener
Mix 10 ml in 1L water and spray on curtains for a refreshing natural aroma.

Store in a cool & dry place away from direct sunlight

Best before 2 years

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