Bilva Rasayan
 Bilva Rasayan
Bilva Rasayan
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Organic Potash Nutrition Liquid - Bilva Rasayan

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Organic Potash Nutrition Liquid or Bilva Rasayan is made from the ripe fruit of Bael tree

It is used in Organically Maintained Kitchen/ Terrace Gardens, Lawns & Farms to encourage healthy branching, flowering & fruiting in the plants & enhance the quality of the yield.

What is Bilva Rasayan?
It is an organic plant nutrition liquid rich in potassium & magnesium. It is made from the pulp of ripe bael fruit during a 90-day fermentation process.

What are its Benefits?
Great source of natural potassium & magnesium
Enhances size, weight, color, taste, fragrance & shine of fruits/ vegetables
Treats problems such as stunted plant growth, chlorosis, necrosis, etc. caused by mineral deficiency
Promotes the growth of a large number of beautiful & colorful flowers
Keeps the plants healthier, greener & attractive

How is it Used?
Foliar Spray- Mix 2 ml of Bilva Rasayan per liter of water and spray this diluted liquid on the upper and lower side of leaves, stem, and branches once in every 15 days.
Soil Conditioner- Add 10g of Bilva Rasayan to each 12” planter once in a month. You can vary its amount depending on the size of the container.
Hair Conditioner- Mix 2 ml of Bilva Rasayan in 5 ml of water. Apply this mixture on your hair, gently massage for 5 minutes and rinse with water.
Cloth Color Brightener- Mix 50 ml of Bilva Rasayan in 10L of water. Soak clothes in this mixture for 2 to 3 hours, wring them and hang to dry.
Floor Cleaner- Add 10 to 20 ml Bilva Rasayan in 10L water and mop the floor using this mixture.
Room Freshener- Mix 7 ml Bilva Rasayan in 1L water and spray on curtains for a refreshing natural aroma.