Aadhaar Khaad
 Aadhaar Khaad
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Natural Manure with Essential Nutrition - Aadhaar Khaad

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Organic Manure with Essential Nutrition

Made from Desi Cow Dung, GoKripa Amrit, JeevAmrit, Rock Phosphate, Neem Khali, Trichoderma, Mycorrhiza, Pseudomonas and Vegetable/ Fruit Peels

Used in Organically Maintained Kitchen/ Terrace Gardens, Lawns & Farms to provide basic nutrition required for the initial optimal growth of the plants.

What is Aadhar Khaad?
It is a highly nutritious organic manure made by mixing several natural ingredients with desi cow dung and fully decomposed using GoKripa Amrit. It provides optimal starting nutrition to the plants for their healthy growth & development.

What are its Benefits?
  • Rich in all essential macro & micronutrients
  • Encourages the development of a healthier root system
  • Enhances soil fertility & crop yield
  • Enriches soil with beneficial microbes
  • Allows better germination of seeds & emergence of seedlings
  • Increases the thickness & strength of the stem
  • Improves soil aeration
  • Boosts plant immunity
  • Prevents the occurrence of various mineral deficiencies
  • Provides protection against fungal infections
  • Enables plants to develop balanced food for us

How is it used?
Include in potting mix
Mix 1 part of Aadhar Khaad with 2 parts of soil & 1 part of cocopeat. The mixture thus formed has sufficient nutrition for good growth of the plant and is ideal to be used as potting mix. There is no need to add any other manure or compost to it.

Use for germinating seeds
Mix Aadhar Khaad with cocopeat in equal ratio & sow seeds in this medium for germination.