Fabric Grow Bag
 Fabric Grow Bag
  • SKU: 3GB01-5X4

Round Dark Grey Fabric Grow Bag 5"×4" - Set of 2

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Suitable for medium-sized succulent plants like Ghost plant, Kalanchoe, Cactus, etc. Good decorative option for small spaces.

Special Features:

  • Breathable for plants
  • Reusable and Washable
  • Highly Durable
  • Eco-friendly Non-Woven fabric
  • User-friendly
  • Natural/Recycled
  • High Holding Capacity
  • Right Porosity to get rid of excess water and heat
  • Lightweight and Unbreakable
  • Elegant and Unique
  • Looks great for Indoors & Outdoors both
  • Great stitching quality


  • Shed Excess water
  • Can accommodate a good amount of soil mix or potting media
  • Regulates plant temperature
  • Speed up plant growth due to better drainage & aeration
  • Encourage Root Pruning instead of Root Circling
  • Prevent the Occurrence of root rot due to overwatering
  • Drain our excess water
  • No risk of breakage