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Organic Food, Eco-friendly Goods, Yogic Home Gardening

Detox Kit

Best Resources to easily Flush Out all the Toxins from the Body!
The key to cure any disease is to “take out” all the waste through detoxification and “take in” the right food. Detoxification is the simplest, easiest and most effective solution to the majority of the physical health problems. 

Essential & Carrier Oils

Essential Oils are unique aromatic liquids, extracted from various beneficial plants by steam distillation, and used widely for their soothing scent & various health benefits.
Carrier oils are plant-based extractions derived from nuts, seeds or fruits. They have nearly neutral scent, and are often used to dilute the essential oils before use. They can be used alone too and have their own benefits.

Home Care

Best-Quality, Eco-Friendly Resources for Home Use!
Avoid using plastic water bottles and be a contributor for a better and pollution-free planet.
Go for a Good quality Reusable grocery bag and avoid throwing that useless poly bags from entering the oceans causing harm to our eco-system.   

Personal Care

Satopradhan Personal Care range includes Natural Soaps, Face Packs & Lip Balm that are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free; hand-made with completely pure & organic ingredients.
They are good for you, for the environment as well as for the other beings. We want people to be fully aware of what they are using.