Gardening Collections

Organic Food, Eco-friendly Goods, Yogic Home Gardening

Fabric Grow Bags

Unique & Natural Planters; Perfect for Graceful Home Gardening !
Made from recycled fabric, having soft, felt-like texture, these elegant bags are ideal to grow various plants such as succulents, air purifying indoor plants as well as outdoor plants such as leafy greens, herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Organic Desi Seeds

Best-Quality, Natural Seeds; Most Suitable for Organic Gardening!
Very rare to find nowadays but we promise to provide you finest, organically grown seeds which are perfect for growing healthy plants in your home garden.

Soil Mix & Add ons

Eco-Friendly Growing Media; Ideal for Healthy Development of Plants!
We provide Perfectly Balanced, Eco-Friendly Soil or Potting Mix along with other Add Ons to enhance the soil quality as needed. It is very important to use appropriate growth media for plants as it is essential for their initial growth and also plays a crucial role in their further development.

Nutrition & Protection

Organic, Non-Toxic Formulations for Yield Enhancement & Pest Control! 
We have a whole range of Organic Biostimulants, Manure, Fertilizers, Pesticides & Soil Conditioners to help you conveniently grow herbs, fruits & vegetables at home which are 100% natural, best-quality, eco-friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free, organic formulations that help in enhancing the quality, taste & yield of harvest while providing necessary protection from insects & pests.

Tools & Accessories

Premium-Quality Instruments, every Home Gardener must-have! 
We have a complete range of Best-Quality, Ease-to-Use, Precisely Designed Tools & Accessories to cater all the needs of your home garden. From trowel, rake tool, scissors & pruners to spray bottles, watering cans, gloves, saucers, supports, trays & tags, we have them all.

Racks & Stands

Sturdy Grow Bag Carriers; Ideal for a Clean & Portable Home Garden!
To overcome the challenge of cleaning and portability of your home garden, we provide Strong, Sturdy & Durable Racks & Stands with Heavy-Duty Rubberized Wheels to ensure easy movement & prevent scratches on the floor. They are available in various sizes in round & rectangular shapes and are perfect for keeping various plants together in different grow bags.