Basic elements of any dish! Used in our day to day cooking. They not only add flavour & color to food but also have various health benefits. 100% Natural; Authentic Aroma, Color & Texture.

Spices (15)

Natural Sendha Namak Gulabi/ Rock Salt Pink Himalayan

Rs 130.00

Natural Sendha Namak Safed/ Rock Salt White

Rs 100.00

Organic Haldi/ Turmeric Powder

Rs 45.00

Organic Jeera/Cumin Seeds

Rs 90.00

Organic Jeera/Cumin Powder

Rs 75.00

Organic Dhania Sabut/Coriander Seeds

Rs 65.00

Organic Dhania Peesa/Coriander Powder

Rs 100.00

Organic Kali Mirchi Sabut/ Black Pepper Whole

Rs 70.00

Organic Kali Mirchi Powder/ Black Pepper Powder

Rs 140.00