Eco-Friendly Growing Media; Ideal for Healthy Development of Plants !

We provide Perfectly Balanced, Eco-Friendly Soil or Potting Mix along with other Add Ons to enhance the soil quality as needed. It is very important to use appropriate growth media for plants as it is essential for their initial growth and also plays a crucial role in their further development. These soil conditioners or add ons are available individually as well as in appropriate combinations in the form of best quality, ready-to-use potting media, specially finalized to take care of the needs of various plants.

Soil Mix & Add Ons (5)

Coco Peat Expanded, Dried & Cleaned

Rs 250.00


Rs 80.00


Rs 90.00


Rs 290.00

Natural Manure with Essential Nutrition - Aadhaar Khaad

Rs 350.00