Organic, Non-Toxic Formulations for Yield Enhancement & Pest Control ! 

Best-Quality, 100 % Natural & Organic Biostimulants, Manure, Fertilizers, Pesticides & Soil Conditioners to help you conveniently grow herbs, fruits & vegetables at home. 

Soil & Care (9)

Cocopeat Mix

Rs 280.00

Soilless Potting Mix

Rs 315.00

Organic Compost - Enriched Desi Cow Dung Manure

Rs 350.00

Natural Neem Khali - Organic Manure & Pesticide

Rs 160.00

Complete Plant Protection Mix - 250ml Bio-Pesticide for all types of plants...

Rs 220.00

Complete Plant Nutrition Mix - 250ml Concentrated Liquid for all types of...

Rs 180.00

Potash Plant Bio-Fertilizer - Organic Liquid Potassium Supplement made from ripe fruit...

Rs 220.00

Humic Acid Plant Bio-Stimulant

Rs 200.00

Organic Pesticide Neem Oil+

Rs 225.00