Low in fat and rich in Fiber, Pulses are a great source of nutrition. Particularly rich in Folate, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc & Potassium.

Excellent for managing cholesterol levels, improving digestive health and regulating energy levels.

Naturally Grown, Premium Quality, No Additives or Preservatives

Pulses (15)

Organic Rajma Chitra / Kidney Beans Chitra

Rs 130.00

Organic Rajma Red / Kidney Beans Red

Rs 120.00

Organic Kabuli Chana/ Chickpeas

Rs 135.00

Organic Black Chana Sabut/ Bengal Gram Whole

Rs 100.00

Organic Chana Dal/ Bengal Gram Split

Rs 95.00

Organic Moong Dal Sabut/ Green Gram Whole

Rs 120.00

Organic Moong Dal Chilka/ Green Gram Split with Skin

Rs 130.00

Organic Moong Dal Dhuli/ Green Gram Split Skinless

Rs 130.00

Urad Dal Sabut/Black Gram Whole

Rs 115.00