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Grocery Bag made with Heavy Duty Canvas Cloth - Thoughtfully designed, reusable shopping bag with various pockets

Premium-Quality cotton bag with huge carrying capacity to help you say NO to multiple plastic bags while buying fruits & vegetables, leading to considerable plastic savings.

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  • Size: Width 18”, Height 14”, Breadth 12”
  • Bag Colour: Natural Cotton Color
  • Material: Great Quality Heavy Cotton
  • Handle Type: Narrow Woven strip with Double Reinforced stitching
  • Weight Bearing Capacity: 20 Kg
  • Saves many Plastic Bags
Key Values
  • Heavy-duty, premium-quality canvas cotton material that is long-lasting & sturdy enough to reuse multiple times.
  • Wide mouth with a huge carrying capacity to easily accommodate fresh vegetables/fruits, daily groceries or other things.
  • Thoughtfully designed with four main compartments, two big long pockets, and five small pockets to help you keep each item segregated.
  • Sturdy handles of non-woven strip stitched along the bag height and base to ensure good strength while holding heavier weights.
  • Requires minimal maintenance and very little effort for washing.
  • Elegant and graceful appeal due to outstanding stitching quality.
  • Reusable, washable, foldable, and durable bag made from 100% cotton cloth.
  • Best eco-friendly alternative to non-biodegradable plastic bags of various sizes.
  • Great design with multiple pockets for convenient use.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere, anytime.
  • Ideal to be used as a handbag, grocery bag, everyday utility bag, picnic, or travel bag.
  • Can be used to keep the fresh harvest from your home garden well organised.
  • Four main compartments can be used to accommodate different vegetables and fruits.
  • Two long side pockets are ideal for keeping leafy greens and long vegetables like radish, carrots, beans, bottle gourd, etc.
  • Five small pockets serve well to keep small fruits/ vegetables like cherries, strawberries, grapes, lemons, tomatoes, chillies etc.
We are playing our part to reduce the plastic waste burden from Mother Earth.
Join us in making wise choices today for a better tomorrow!