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          Kitchen Essentials (9)

          Wisely picked Superior-Quality, Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Labour-Saving, Food-Grade & Aesthetically Pleasing Resources for regular use in kitchen. The entire range of these common & easy swaps is cost-effective & safe for you, other beings & the environment.

          Strainer Cap 3”/ 4” for Sprouting Jars - A perfect fit for...

          Rs 190.00

          Glass Bottle with Airtight Rust-Proof Cap, 1000 ml - Food Grade &...

          Rs 150.00

          Nut Milk Bag - A perfect Food-Grade Strainer to sieve your Dairy-free...

          Rs 895.00

          Stainless Steel Straws - Set of 6 Reusable Eco-Straws & a Cleaning...

          Rs 380.00

          Glass Jar 900ml - Borosilicate body with Air-Tight Steel Lid and Anti-Slip...

          Rs 480.00

          Tender Coconut Opener/ Driller - Premium Quality Stainless Steel, Durable & Useful

          Rs 270.00

          Measuring Cups & Spoons - Set of 4 each - Made using...

          Rs 390.00

          Coconut Giri Scraper/Grater with Vacuum Base - Premium Quality Stainless Steel -...

          Rs 340.00

          Ladles & Spatula - Set of 4 | Handmade Jointlessly using Neem...

          Rs 1,105.00
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