Home Gardening Essentials

Everything you need to grow your own food organically!

We provide several Easy-to-use, Premium-Quality, Organic Gardening Resources along with a complete knowledge base, to make home gardening feasible, enjoyable and easy for everyone.

Organic Desi Seeds

Best-Quality, Natural Seeds; Most Suitable for Organic Gardening ! 

  • Sprouts & Microgreens

  • Leafy Greens

  • Culinary Herbs

  • Summer Vegetables

  • Winter Vegetables

  • Easy to grow Fruits

  • Beneficial Flowers

Fabric Grow Bags

Unique & Natural Planters; Perfect for Graceful Home Gardening !

Best Fabric Grow Bags - Eco Friendly Containers for Gardening by Satopradhan

Soil & Care

Organic Biostimulants, Manure, Fertilizers Pesticides & Soil Conditioners

Organic Manure, Fertilizers, Pesticides & Soil Conditioners by Satopradhan

Tools & Accessories

Easy-to-Use, Precisely Designed Tools & Accessories

Best Quality Gardening Tools & Accessories by Satopradhan

Home Gardening Blog

Knowledge to help you develop your geen thumb

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Super nutritious, versatile & flavorful tiny germinated seeds with 30 times more nutrition than a fully grown organic vegetable When...
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