Dried herbs deserve a special place in your kitchen because they can be easily stored and their flavour enhances during the process of drying them naturally. More potent and concentrated than fresh herbs they help you stay healthy as they are full of beneficial plant compounds that have several health benefits.

Herbs & Flowers (10)

Organic Oregano Dried

Rs 170.00

Organic Thyme Dried

Rs 200.00

Organic Tej Patta / Bay Leaves Dried

Rs 35.00

Organic Kasuri Methi/ Fenugreek Leaves Dried

Rs 65.00

Organic Rose Petals Dried

Rs 90.00

Organic Curry Leaves Dried

Rs 75.00

Organic Dried Stevia Leaves

Rs 90.00

Chamomile Tea

Rs 230.00

Lavender tea

Rs 290.00