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          Essential & Carrier Oils (6)

          100% Pure & Potent, Completely Organic & Plant-Based Aromatic Essential Oils with unique Therapeutic properties. Unlike commonly marketed oils, these are free from Chemical Diluents, Fillers or any Artificial Ingredients such as Paraben, Stabilisers, Fillers or Synthetic Fragrance. The Superior-Quality, Cold-Pressed, Unrefined Carrier Oils without any Additives are completely Organic & Pure.

          Coconut Oil - 100% Organic, Virgin & Wooden Cold-pressed 500ml without Chemicals...

          Rs 490.00

          Sesame Oil 500ml in reusable glass bottle - Pure & Wooden Cold-pressed...

          Rs 375.00

          Mustard Oil - 100% Organic, Wooden Cold-pressed & Double filtered 500ml oil...

          Rs 295.00

          Lemongrass Oil 30ml - 100% Organic, Natural & Cruelty free - Paraben...

          Rs 320.00

          Frankincense Oil 30ml - Purely Organic, Natural & Undiluted - Paraben free...

          Rs 390.00

          Clove Bud Oil 30ml - 100% Organic, Natural & Undiluted - Paraben...

          Rs 390.00
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