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        Eco-friendly Goods (14)

        “Anything that is good for the environment is good for the soul” We provide various Ethically Sourced, Cruelty-Free, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Resources to help everyone maintain cleanliness inside their bodies as well as around them and hence contribute towards saving our environment.

        Loofah Sponge - Naturally Dried from Organically Grown Sponge Gourd with its...

        Rs 115.00

        Utility Pouch - An Ideal Keeper for all your personal belongings

        Rs 100.00

        Hand Bag - A versatile keeper of all your personal belongings in...

        Rs 160.00

        Extra Bulb for Rock Salt Lamp

        Rs 55.00

        Wire Set for Rock Salt Lamp - Without Brightness Controller

        Rs 180.00

        Wire Set for Rock Salt Lamp - Brightness Dimmable control

        Rs 280.00

        Soap Case - Handmade Jointlessly from Natural Neem Wood - Natural &...

        Rs 220.00

        Cotton Sling Bag - An ideal keeper for all your personal belongings...

        Rs 565.00

        Toothbrushes - Set of 4 with Bamboo Handles & Biodegradable Bristles -...

        Rs 350.00

        Tube with Nozzle Set for Steel or Plastic Enema Pot - An...

        Rs 145.00

        Steel Enema Pot with Tube & Nozzles - Made using high-grade steel...

        Rs 620.00Rs 1,035.00

        Clarifying Face Pack Multani Orange 30g - Prepared using 100% Natural &...

        Rs 165.00

        Wet Pack Extended - Set of Five Cotton Strips - Folded &...

        Rs 710.00

        Wet Pack Standard - Set of Three Cotton Strips - Folded &...

        Rs 395.00
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